“Sales of ADHD Meds Are Skyrocketing. Here’s Why.”


The business of diagnosing and treating ADHD is experiencing “hyperactive growth,” reports Mother Jones. The article points to drug company promotional efforts, expanded diagnostic criteria, the appeal of amphetamines to high-performance cultures globally, and other factors.

Sales of ADHD Meds Are Skyrocketing. Here’s Why. (Mother Jones, February 24, 2015)


  1. They quote a psychologist / psychiatrist, Hinshaw who states, “How are most people in the United States diagnosed with ADHD? … A 10-to-15-minute visit with a pediatrician or a general practitioner. That’s it; there is no reimbursement for a long, careful, thorough assessment.” “But you only know [you’ve gotten a correct diagnosis, for this questionable disorder] if you diagnose carefully and thoroughly, and if we don’t take the time do it we are going to pay the price.”

    So basically this doctor is saying what is going on is a recipe for disaster, and it is. Doctors, please stop putting our children on stimulants.

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  2. The increased use of stimulants will increase the misdiagnosis for severe mental illness since stimulants do induce mania, especially if they are mixed with antidepressants. If this happens the victims life will likely be totally ruined.

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  3. “Attention deficit hyperactive disorder is big business.”
    The first sentence in the article is the answer to why the sales are rising. If you give corporations narcotics to sell and allow them to corrupt doctors and lie to people (aka advertisement) and even put people on them using coercion – the sales are going to rise.

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