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  1. I stopped taking Abilify 22 months before I told my shrink. The only reason I brought this fact to his attention was because they were going to start having me pay the $1400 per month for the drug which previously I had gotten from them for free. I told him that I would not be needing it since I stopped it 2 years earlier and he was shocked and asked why I didn’t say anything. I replied that I did complain many times to the previous doctor that I was unable to control my hunger and weight gain and that she would not give me the antidepressant that I begged her for. Since the Abilify made me so sick I couldn’t possible justify taking it. It just shows how clueless these people are that they cant tell the difference between someone taking the drug and not taking it. I would have been much better off stress wise it they had given me the $28,000 to pay my bills rather than giving it to a corrupt pharmaceutical company for a product I had to put in the trash. I have been neuroleptic free now for nine years.