• Losing one’s memories is one of the most traumatizing things one can experience. I can’t understand how some people think it may be therapeutic. “Oh, it’s OK, you don’t remember because we wiped out the memories of you being abused/raped/traumatized.” Yeah, that’s going to work…

      The way to address such things is to grow from the pain. “What does not kill you makes you stronger”. Deleting a part of somebody’s life is not an answer is a mutilation.

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  1. This is truly terrifying. And anybody who understands the mechanisms of trauma wouldn’t recommend getting rid of the memories. It is not the memory itself that causes such long-lasting effects; it is the worldview and other associations that create difficult behaviors. Without the memory, all that’s left is difficult behaviors that we don’t understand. I don’t trust any of this so-called science; I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted to relieve serious pain, but nobody told me there were other, less invasive alternatives. I eventually had the stimulator removed because it caused its own pain. I also have a dear friend whose DBS made Parkinson’s worse, not better. Very creepy and scary.

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