1. The doctots understand the meds to be the most powerful, blocking activation, receptors, inhibiting nerve impulses, memories, personalities, executive function, emotions, sensations.. this can bring out a whole new personality out of the partial signals coming through. Less than 20% of the signals remain to go through with antipsychotics at the starting dose, and more signals are stripped depending on potency and dosage.

    Yes it will wreck a persons brain. No its not effective or safe.

    Also maybe they just don’t care that doing this to people is hurting them and not fixing the underlying cause.

    Profit motive trumps what is best for people.


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  2. Brain disabling “Abilify” is an atypical anti psychotic but that of course does not stop those drug company crooks from using false advertizing to promote it as an Anti depressant to trick people into asking for it.

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    • “’I’d like to think when the marketing pressures are gone,’ Spielmans said, ‘and there’s more independant research that casts more doubts on how well these medicines work, maybe there will be a slowdown, and a pause to reflect on whether this was such a good idea.’”

      I’m quite certain torturing millions of patients with major tranquilizers, based upon illegal and fraudulent marketing, was not “such a good idea.” Kudos to the medical pharmaceutical industrial complex, however. Let’s hope and pray all will be judged for whom they chose to be some day.

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  3. A good friend of mine felt that his “antidepressant” was no longer working so he went to his psychiatrist to see what could be done about it. The psychiatrist immediately put him on Abilify stating that it would “jump start” his “antidepressant” and make it work quicker and better! When my friend told me this I just sat there and finally said, “Really………really….he actually told you that lie?!!!!” In two weeks my friend was hallucinating and having the worst panic attacks of his entire life! Eventually he tracked things down on his own, realized that the combination of the Abilify and the so-called “antidepressant” caused all of his horrible experiences and he took himself off the damned stuff. He then had to admit that his wonderful psychiatrist didn’t know bs about what he was prescribing for his “patients”! And this psychiatrist is a good guy, a decent human being, but as my friend said, he doesn’t know bs about what he’s prescribing.

    This is criminal. My friend could have ended up dying for various reasons due to the horrible hallucinations. The ceo’s of these toxic peddling drug companies need to spend some time in prison for this kind of misinformation and outright lying to the public.

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  4. Funny how the country can investigate and want to prosecute officials from the soccer industry yet no one from the pharmaceutical industry is touched – despite the countless thousands of deaths per year caused by lethal prescription drugs.

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  5. I don’t know when exactly it was that “first do no harm” went out of fashion within the “profession ” of psychiatry. Perhaps it can be dated to when the term “blockbuster” showed up in the 1980s. Surely by now the death toll from psychoactive medications has been noticed by prescribers. Any psychiatrists who do not use uber caution must realize it’s only a matter of time before prosecution by the law will follow?

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