“Those Who Are Jesus”


Mind Hacks praises a documentary now available online. Those Who Are Jesus visits the borders between revelation and psychosis as people recount their own intense religious experiences.

It looks at how such experiences “can be understood in terms of sociology, neuropsychiatry, religion and radical mental health,” comments Mind Hacks psychologist Vaughan Bell. “It’s a great non-judgmental documentary that looks at what happens when intense and idiosyncratic experiences intrude on everyday life.”

Hold infinity in the palms of your hand (Mind Hacks, June 26, 2015)

Those Who Are Jesus (Vimeo)


    • I’m not religious but the amount of disrespect and ridicule with which psychiatrists treat pretty much everyone of their “patients” makes my blood boil. I guess if you’re religious you’re immediately delusional.

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  1. Hinduism and Buddhism acknowledge that all people are God and all the mystical movements within the religions of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all recognize this. Perhaps if this were acceptable within the religious groups found in America there might be fewer cases of psychosis since people would be prepared for that moment when all of this is manifested to them in their own individual lives and they wouldn’t be so overwhelmed by it all. But, to claim this could get you a very quick, one way trip to the psych “hospital” so that you can be treated, all for your own good of course. The monotheistic religions are all patriarchal and worship a god who is a king. This leaves no room for what many people come to realize in their early adult years.

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