Parents Opposed to Pot Argues Pitt Study Neglects Increased THC


Parents Opposed to Pot, a group opposed to the legalization of marijuana, criticizes a recent University of Pittsburgh study which found no correlation between pot use and mental health. They contest the results and insist that since the long-term study began in 1987, “skunk” or high THC pot has been on the rise.

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  1. Parents Opposed to Pot is nothing but a website that posts anti cannabis propaganda then censors comments that do not agree with their beliefs.
    The 2 or 3 maniacs who support them give them pats on the back, which they leave in the COMMENT area, giving the illusion that their TAINTED take on things is the general consensus on the subject, which is hardly the case.
    Then they beg for money. What a JOKE!

    Their whole thought process (not unlike the ‘Heaven’s Gate Cult’ of 1997, who killed themselves to hop a ride to heaven on a comet) is completely twisted and tainted. They cherry pick tragic stories with marijuana related content and blame the entire horror of the story on marijuana.

    EXAMPLE: The mad man who killed the innocent young lady recently in San Francisco was high on MJ. THAT is why he did it.
    The fact that he had a Federal agent’s gun, and the court system failed to deport him, and the border patrol failed to keep him out of the US, all had nothing to do with him shooting the lady. It was because he was high that this happened.
    Utter nonsense.

    Or a man killed his wife and he was high on MJ. For all we know he may have killed her even sooner if he wasn’t high, but they hold that up as the one and only contributing factor to the tragedy without bothering to provide any basis for ANYTHING they say. You can find more truth in a screening of ‘Reefer Madness’ than on this website.

    It’s supposedly trying to help kids stay away from weed while simultaneously keeping MJ on the black market only, where kids can easily get their hands on it, unlike alcohol or cig’s which are regulated and need a middle man for a kid to obtain.

    Perhaps they are not working for big pharma companies that would be hurt by legalizing MJ, or maybe they’re not a front by the Mexican drug cartels trying to keep the cannabis business to themselves but it’s easy to see why one could conclude that they may be.

    One thing is for sure. Whether it’s legal or not, if someone wants to get high that’s exactly what they’re going to do. The only real question is who gets the $$? Drug dealers or the US economy?

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