“Report Finds Florida Foster Kids Put on Psychotropic Drugs Without Following Proper Procedures”


After the 2009 suicide of a seven-year-old foster kid who had been on two “black box” medications intended for adults, Florida updated its policies to protect vulnerable children from over-prescription.  Unfortunately, according to a report by Orlando Weekly, “foster children are still being put on psychotropic medications without caregivers following proper procedures.”

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  1. From the article: “We’re largely concerned with overuse of those medications,” Lacasse said. “But it’s a balancing act, because it’s seen as a very integral part of normal care.”

    If you define “normal care” by only the last two decades of mass child drugging instead of by the thousands of generations that came before us and did not drug children . Before all this insanity called “care” with psychotropic brain disabling drugs was invented and became very profitable and grew into what we have now.

    There is nothing “normal” about disabling children with drugs, it sick actually.

    One young child interviewed by ABC News described the effect of the antidepressant and antipsychotic drugs he was taking: “They made me feel like I had a thousand bricks on my head.” Another child said, “Some of the medications were for ADHD but I’m not ADHD, I’m just naughty.” A teen in foster care on multiple psychiatric drugs told ABC News she felt like a “guinea pig.”


    The kids themselves tell it best.

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