Study 329: The Timelines


In addition to hosting the Panorama programs and The Famous Grouse history of Study 329, has a comprehensive timeline on the origins of concerns about the SSRIs and the risk of suicide, initially with Prozac and subsequently with Paxil/Seroxat.

The chronology is laid out year on year with key documents linked to many of these years. Click on the year, then click on any links – there is days worth of reading for anyone not familiar with the story.

The hope is to provide a comprehensive repository for anyone who wants to study SSRIs, RCTs, and Study 329 in particular. If there are points you think we are missing and in particular if you have documents you think we are missing please comment below and if possible send documents. We will be able to add them to the list. The more people involved in telling the story the better.

Later this week, we will have a timeline on efforts to get Study 329 retracted, and we will begin to present the data – the Clinical Study Reports and their Appendices.

Once the Restored Study has been published we will make our worksheets available containing the data along with the Reviews of the Article and our Responses.


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  1. Good work, David.

    It’s not clear to me what the pictures represent… are these recent advertisements by Glaxosmithkline trying to push back against the exposure of their wrongdoing?

    And what does the question, “Were the UK Doctors Who Wrote 4 million prescriptions for Seroxat last year right?” even mean? “Right” about what? Things aren’t that simple. But if I can answer that question simplistically, those doctors were probably ignorant, overworked people who know little or nothing about the long-term effects of taking such medication.

    And I can’t help but laugh when the advertisement says, “Science with a conscience.” Science with a conscience, coming from the sociopathic corporation whose agents lie, deceive, and distort constantly in order to grow market share. I hope they get fined again for a larger amount, and that their top officers face criminal penalties for these deceptions.

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    • These pictures were part of an internal campaign at GSK to maintain employee morale following the Panorama (BBC) exposing in 4 segments, the forthcoming real results of Paxil Study 329. These were *leaked* by a GSK employee who had a conscience– not mainstream adverts.

      Full explanation of the various tactics used to prevent the truth from dampening the profits of GSK are provided in links on David Healy’s “Grouse” lecture– video and transcript provide the details of the dark side of genius in marketing..

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      • Thanks… Wow. Pretty sad. I call these advertisements, “Deceiving the deceivers”.

        And those two questions in the advertisements beg for answers:

        “Were the doctors who wrote 4 million prescriptions for Seroxat right?”

        No… but what a black and white question.

        “If you’re depressed, who should you consult, a TV presenter or a doctor?”

        A TV presenter; there’s a chance they’re capable of honesty and clear thinking.

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  2. TV psychiatric drug advertising here in America is so dangerous they should be banned. But money holds there spot on TV. In Peter Gotzshe’s new book he mentioned the Panorama: Secrets of Seroxat series and was completely blown away with the entire series. I had to put his book down to watch ALL videos for hours including Study 329. So well done David. Amazing! Thank you… And our own FDA is even more crooked. And now I read that 1 in 8 children are diagnosed in US with ADHD. When is this madness ever going to end. Doesn’t anyone see the harm we’re doing to our own children? It’s criminal. Once your labeled, the drugs never stop. I know. I was prescribed them for decades and I can’t imagine for a moment a child enduring what I have to endure all because I was a good girl (compliant) and took ‘my medicine’. I’m truly lucky to be alive.

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