“Kids in Foster Care Three Times More Likely to be Diagnosed with ADHD”


PsychCentral presents a new study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that found that foster care children are three times more likely than other children on Medicaid to receive a diagnosis of ADHD. Overall, more than one in four children in foster care receive such a diagnosis. CDC statistician Melissa Danielson interpreted these results as revealing a “substantial need” for more medical and behavioral services for kids in foster care.

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  1. “The findings show a “substantial need” for medical and behavioral services for kids in foster care, according to Melissa Danielson, MSPH, a statistician with the CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, and lead author of the study.”

    According to an obsequious, brainwashed paycheck collector named Melissa Danielson, medicalization of traumatized and devastated children is the obvious replacement for authentic, caring human relationships. Shame.

    I have been in foster care. Many of those foster parents are just like Melissa: they’re paycheck collectors.

    Why is it that I was able to calm a 3 year old child, by simple care of him, when people like you would do the unthinkable: remove him, subdue him, squash him down, and chemically restrain him.

    I tell you the truth. That 3 year old little boy was on psychiatric drugs, not because of him, but because his mother was disgusting in her sin, bragging about have 30 orgasms per day. When she sat at the kitchen table, holding her sexual offspring in her lap, HER SON, and he was crying and squirming, she barked at him, in full ignorance and neglect, so that she could carry on in chit-chat with the grown ups.

    *I* took care of that child. I looked at him, with immense care and understanding, and with love, and made eye contact with him, and reached forward to touch his arm, and immediately, he was calm and happy. I adored that child. Unlike his useless mother, I took HER son outside to play (and other mothers’ children, as well). I earned the extreme hostility and hatred of LAZY people, including all of the professionals.

    He wasn’t the only child I was able to take care of. There was an other woman’s child, a baby, a screamer. That baby’s screams were crazy-making. The mother was so overwhelmed that she left the baby, naked, in a swing, on a hot August summer day, and left the room. Despite “rules” of not touching an other person’s child, I picked up her baby, held her to my chest, rocked her, and the baby fell asleep, while quivering to breathe.

    I waste my time and effort, testifying before you, to enlighten a dark-minded, science worshiping people.

    The “substantial need” of children is sane, safe adults they can rely on. As somebody who has been a child of humanity, and has suffered the ignorance and brutality of many of you, I can attest that you are not fit to recommend what children “need”.

    If you don’t like a scathing comment, I cannot cry for you. You endanger people, you harm them, you sicken them, you disable them, you even kill them – with your ignorance, your VILE servility to a secular world (read: scientific), and with your chemical weapons.

    Enjoy paying your mortgage, Melissa Danielson.

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