“Many Antidepressant Studies Found Tainted by Pharma Company Influence”


The Scientific American reports on a new analysis of antidepressant trials revealing that the vast majority of meta-analyses have industry links and suppress negative results.  The results show that meta-analyses with industry support were much more favorable to the drugs than independent studies.  For example, “meta-analyses by industry employees were 22 times less likely to have negative statements about a drug than those run by unaffiliated researchers.”

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  1. All we can hope is that, as the corruptions with psych drug studies for approval and now with meta-analyses become more widely publicized, they will become impossible to sweep under the table any longer.

    Such articles in widely-read publications, while not news to those of us who are aware of the psych drug/psychiatry corruptions, will gradually help wear away psychiatry’s veneer of respectability in the wider community…it IS happening.

    Five or six years ago such a piece may not have been written, let alone accepted for publication. There is progress.

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    • It’s been known for over 10 years that psych drugs are deadly neurotoxins. The most recent deadly assault on the public was only 25 DAYS ago, and it is known that he was taking psych drugs.

      There is no progress, please don’t mislead yourself.

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