“Study: Psychiatric Drugs Linked to Violent Crime”


Writing for the conservative website The New American, C. Mitchell Shaw reports that more and more evidence is pointing to psychiatric drugs as a potential cause of mass shootings. “Of course anecdotes are not proof, and most people who regularly take antidepressants do so without becoming violent,” but, he adds, it appears “that young people are particularly at risk of developing violent tendencies, suicidal tendencies, or both while taking these drugs.”

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    • I am not that sure you can blame the drugs for criminal behaviour as a sole factor but then I’ve never experienced severe akathesia (I did a bit but I recognized it for a side effect of the drugs and flushed the pills).
      People who take these drugs have many problems but one thing is sure – the drugs do nothing to stop them and in many cases they cause them to step over the line. It’s absolutely disgusting that not only are people not informed about it but some are straight out forced to take them. In my mind if a”patient” commits a crime under the influence of forced drugging the psychiatrists should be responsible. But they always refuse any responsibility for what they do – they only want the power.

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  1. “anecdotes are not proof”

    When you stop using the erroneous word anecdote and start using the correct word testimony, it is proof.

    1. a short usually amusing account of an incident, esp a personal or biographical one

    1. a declaration of truth or fact
    2. evidence in support of a fact or statement; proof.

    testimony synonyms,
    proof, evidence, demonstration, indication, support, manifestation, verification, corroboration, evidence, information, statement, witness, profession, declaration, confirmation, submission, affirmation, affidavit, deposition, corroboration, avowal, attestation

    anecdote synonyms,
    story, tale, sketch, short story, yarn, reminiscence, urban myth, urban legend, fable, story, tale, tall tale, yarn.

    Clearly, anyone can see that the word anecdote is extremely inappropriate.

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