Insel Admits no Improvement in Mental Health


In an interview with the New Scientist, former NIMH director Dr. Thomas Insel explained his decision to join Google and move to the private sector: “I have to confess that after giving heart and soul to mental-health problems over the last 13 years working in government, I have not seen any improvement for either morbidity or mortality for serious mental illness – so I’m ready to try a different approach. If it means using the tools available in the private sector, let’s go for it.”

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  1. Too bad Insel’s heart and soul did so little. Or perhaps did so much harm by perpetuating the false disease model.

    If he had followed the approaches to psychosis of the therapists at – much less drugging, much more psychotherapy – then an improvement in “morbidity and mortality” would certainly have resulted. But the truth cannot be allowed to interfere with the voracious need for profit of the drug companies that trap NIMH like a fly in amber.

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