Failure to Report, Patients at Risk”


A STAT investigation finds that “Most research institutions — including leading universities and hospitals in addition to drug companies — routinely break a law that requires them to report the results of human studies of new treatments to the federal government’s database.”

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  1. This is yet more evidence that our own government is essentially a vehicle of the 1%, by and for the 1%, with their lobbyists protecting the institutions from being fined or any other consequence that would harm their relationships with drug companies owned by the 1%. The article notes that our government could have fined these institutions and universities as much as 25 billion dollars for not reporting trial results (which could help protect the public), but our government (really their government, the 1%’s government) have not fined even 1 dollar.

    What can be done? The first thing is for individuals to stop taking drugs and avoid visiting psychiatrists whenever possible. With less demand for their products, psychiatry will weaken.

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    • Yes, and, of course, since the government does not arrest criminals any longer, these corporate criminals just continue breaking the laws. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” And, apparently evil is completely in charge when most the “professionals” decide to turn themselves into criminals, too.

      It never occurred to me as a child, that I’d grow up and my enemies would be corporations and industries, not exactly a fair fight. Although, I do feel that God is on the side of right, so hopefully He’ll bring about justice. It is a shame, however, so many of the so called “professionals” have chosen to not just do nothing, but break laws.

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