Leah Harris and Tim Murphy Talk “Mental Illness and the Law”


Today on Radio Times, U.S. Representative Tim Murphy (R-PA), Mark Salzer, professor and chair of the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at Temple University, and Leah Harris, a mental health advocate with the Campaign for Real Change in Mental Health Policy, discussed The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (HR 2646) which recently passed a House subcommittee.

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  1. At first it was shocking to me that Murphy is allowed to talk his untruths without challenge. But i have been accustumed to it by Now. However i think Murphy and his team are following the line of reapeat something often enough even if its not true and people will believe its true. Make no mistake the full force of the rpublican leadership is for this bill and the states have been busy passing companion legislation. With At this present point of hysteria I am not even certain that Obama would veto this bill and i am certain that a Republican President wanting to do a victory lap with this legislation would have it in full force.

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