“People with Psychiatric Disabilities: Our Modern-Day Scapegoats”


For the North Carolina Law Review, Katie Rose Guest Pryal writes, that “ a psychiatric diagnosis, or involuntary civil commitment to a psychiatric ward—which is considered treatment in the medical context—almost always leads to quasi-criminalization in the legal context.” “People with psychiatric disabilities,” she writes “are our society’s scapegoats, the tool we use to externalize our fear of the unpredictable violence of what appears to be the rise of spree-killings.”

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  1. I knew I’d been treated as a scapegoat, immediately, during my psychiatric withdrawal induced phase, just after reading the lunacy and lies in my medical records.

    No modern religion, to my knowledge, willingly admits to the acceptability of scapegoating humans (although, sadly, they do condone worship of, and belief in, the DSM for reasons of child abuse cover ups). Other than today’s DSM psychiatric theology, which has seemingly made sacrificing the reputations, souls, and lives of their patients their goal. Because all other religions theoretically understand defaming, torturing, and sacrificing humans is disgusting and unacceptable human behavior. Shame on the psychiatric industry of today, and our politicians, supreme court judges, and the mainstream media, who are seemingly blind to this appalling and unacceptable human behavior.

    Great article, really though, well worth the long read. And I can agree with the concluding comments, the “too big to fail” banks are also utilizing psychiatric depersonalizations and defamation to rationalize stealing homes from recently widowed women with small children, just like Thomas Jefferson forewarned us the centralized banks would do some day. Psychiatric defamation and torture – aka gaslighting people – is a fabulous way to steal from other humans.

    But I’m certain all such defamation, torture, and thievery via today’s psychiatric defamation system is fully known by God as appalling, and will be judged as exactly the crimes they actually are. I will confess, however, I had no idea so many souls belonged in the eternal torment. I used to believe most people were decent, and all knew defaming others with made up mental illnesses (like claims being Jewish was a genetic mental illness, or claims the completely iatrogenicly induced anticholinergic intoxication syndrome is a “life long incurable genetic mental illness”) is immoral, thus unacceptable behavior. How sad today’s psychiatric industry doesn’t see their crime against humanity as unacceptable human behavior yet.

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    • I should correct the last line to read “crimes against humanity,” since there are a multitude of ways to create the symptoms of anticholinergic intoxication syndrome, which emulates the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia,” with the psychiatric drugs.

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