Expanded Mental Health Services Won’t Stop Mass Shootings


In the 23 years since the Columbine High School massacre, the school shooting in an affluent, formerly unknown suburb of Denver, Colorado (my hometown) that put school shootings on the map, gun laws have become looser and looser despite victims’ efforts for stricter laws. SCOTUS ruled yesterday to continue the expansion of gun rights exactly one month after the Uvalde shooting that claimed 19 lives, most of them elementary school students. While this post doesn’t directly address gun laws, it’s about another topic related to mass violence: the increasing demand by the public for “expanded access” to “mental health services” as a way to stop mass shootings.

mass shootings

I won’t go over the growing list of most recent mass shootings in America, likely because, by the time I think I’m done, there will be another one. The reason I’d bet on it is that, on the day of the shooting at a hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma earlier this month, which was perpetrated by a man who’d been released from surgery the day of the Uvalde shooting in Texas, I was sitting with a friend at a restaurant thinking to myself that Oklahoma hadn’t had a shooting in quite a while that I know of and, running down the list of places mass shootings have happened, I didn’t think we’d had a shooting at a hospital. An hour after I got home, I heard the news of the Tulsa shooting.

One might argue that thoughts like the ones I was having are quite morbid, and that would be part of the reason I’m writing this. The friend I was having lunch with the day of the Tulsa shooting was in Oklahoma City when the bombing happened in 1995, close enough to feel every floor of the federal building collapse. I am from Littleton, Colorado—everyone I’ve ever talked to after 1999 knows what I’m going to say next—where the Columbine High School shooting happened; I was less than ten minutes away in middle school and I didn’t realize until 20 years later that my peers and I were the first kids to experience the school lockdown. Provoked by the shooting in Buffalo followed quickly by the shooting in Texas, my friend and I were discussing what it’s like to be so close to a famous true-crime incident and how it colors the way you think forever, in ways you don’t realize until decades later.

I was old enough in 1999 to remember everything about what I experienced on April 20, 1999, but I was not old enough to understand hardly any of it, and there was much about the Columbine shootings that, despite things like being best friends with the daughter of the chief of police of Littleton at the time, being taken to the memorials every year I remained in Littleton afterward, attending the protest gathering of the NRA rally they decided to hold in Denver ten days after the shootings, and knowing two of the Columbine victims, I didn’t learn or really understand the implications until recently (as in, more than two decades after the shooting). Like the fact that it wasn’t “supposed” to be a shooting; it was “supposed” to be a bombing a la Oklahoma City, just four years prior at that point. The media, the adults around me and, increasingly, my peers, were firing blame in all directions: violent movies (The Matrix was still in theaters at the time of the Columbine shootings), first-person shooter video games, bad parenting, psych meds—the discussion was not just about gun control and mental health.

My point is not to argue about gun legislation but to marvel at just how complex, nuanced, and broad the conversations were after Columbine, and just how narrow—and honestly vicious and abusive—the conversations about mass shootings are today.

For example, the only place online that I could talk about my misgivings about the demand for expanded access to mental health “services” for kids as a response to the increase in mass shootings without being verbally assaulted was in a private group dedicated to talking about the Columbine shootings. That’s probably because one of the students who was badly injured in the shootings initially sued the manufacturer of the drug that was found in the system of one of the shooters at the time of his death, alleging the drug’s dangerous effects on the thoughts and feelings of the person taking it. In other words, the black-box warnings on an increasing number of medications that reads “may cause suicidal or homicidal thoughts.” And yet, even when drug companies openly admit that their products may in fact cause murderous thoughts, our culture not only fails to include this fact, as well as the known (and the fact that there are unknown) risks of psych meds in the conversation about expanded access to mental health care, but attacks and silences anyone who even asks if we can take a look at the possibility that they might play a role.

The Stockholm Syndrome to Big Pharma is wild. Prescriptions of psychiatric medications, including to children, are skyrocketing even as access to talk therapy (as problematic as THAT is as well) is in some ways decreasing, and mass shootings seem to be increasing. Of course there are many factors that play into mass murder, but the fact remains that I still have heard no good reason for why I’m instantly shut down almost everywhere online and in this culture when I ask the question about what role products that are labeled with warnings that they may cause thoughts about murder might play in mass murder. I’m not saying there definitely is a connection—there may well not be—but we can’t even have a reasonable discussion about it. In my experience, the conversation is instantly shut down by defensive people on medication or overzealous mental health “advocates” with claims like “I’ve been on such-and-such antidepressant for years and I’ve never thought about killing anyone” and “mental illness does not cause violence.” I agree, and despite the problematic use of the term “mental illness,” which is not defined, so does at least one scientific study. Why, then, do we think that expanding access to mental health services will reduce mass violence?

Because it’s not about reducing anything, but rather expanding the market for pharmaceutical products. You don’t get to have it both ways: you can’t claim that kids getting easier access to mental health treatment has anything to do with reducing school shootings and also that mental illness does not cause violence. “Easier access” to mental health treatment is likely to translate to getting more kids in front of more prescribers to produce more lifetime customers, with the added benefit of starting them even earlier so they’ll be with Big Pharma for longer.

Violence is just a convenient proxy for Big Pharma to force markets open for itself where there are not legitimate ones. Whether medicating children definitely produces school shooters or not, expanding access to mental health “treatment” as a way to reduce mass shootings is like asking a thief to draw the floor plans to your house. They may get the job done, at least by all appearances, but the only benefit they’re concerned about is their own.

What makes all of this even worse is that those who are calling for easier mental health branding—I mean, “access” and “treatment”—probably sincerely believe that mental health treatment, whatever they mean by it, will actually help. They are not in on the “secret” that the mental health industry, the psychiatry industry, and the psychology industry use “helping” and “caring” about mental and emotional wellness as marketing schemes only. Their business models would not be profitable nor sustainable if they were truly “helping” people, which, of course, they and their industries (rather than the individuals receiving said “treatment”) get to define and apply further and further across the board. They think that, if only these troubled people who open fire on masses of strangers or their peers got “help,” they wouldn’t go through with their murderous plans.

Charles Whitman, also known as the Texas Tower Sniper, sought consultations with multiple doctors and psychiatrists because he knew something was wrong, even up to three months before he opened fire from a tower on the University of Texas at Austin campus on August 1, 1966, killing 17 and wounding 31 others. He requested an autopsy be done on him after his death to see if anything biological may have contributed to his obsessive homicidal thoughts; a tumor was found in his brain after police shot and killed him to end his shooting spree; there was disagreement among doctors about whether the tumor contributed significantly to his actions. The point is that he sought help multiple times from multiple people, including the mental health system, because he himself knew something was wrong.

On the other end of the spectrum, Columbine shooter Eric Harris wrote in detail in his journals about how “mankind needs to die” and gushed angrily about his desire to “kill mankind.” Even if talking about how mankind being alive makes him feel would have helped Eric sufficiently process his murderous rage, how far would mental health treatment need to be “expanded” to get him to a) attend in the first place and b) tell the truth. I realize that this is just one story (and, to be sure, the Columbine shooting remains singular in history for multiple reasons, not least because it’s the only one that involved two shooters) but, if there are statistically significant numbers of would-be mass shooters being detected and prevented from carrying out their plans by the mental health system while also not being harmed by the system, I have yet to see them.

This is not intended to be a debate about whether some people are savable or helpable or not. Nor is this about definitive conclusions on any side. This is about the sloppy, contradictory, too-easy “logic” of the widespread and uncritical call for expanded mental health services/treatment/access after (yet another) mass shooting. What the widespread demand for expanded access to mental health services tells me is that the majority of the culture still thinks traditional mental health services are good, or at least potentially helpful, which means they haven’t truly thought through the consequences of more and more people, especially young people, coming under the grips of it.

If ‘mental illness’ doesn’t cause violence, yet we need to expand mental health services as one way of reducing mass shootings, what problem are we trying to solve? After Columbine, we talked about a lot of possible culprits, but we did not talk about expanding mental health services. As I mentioned, we in fact talked about, among other things, reducing a certain aspect of mental health services, that of medication—which many people claiming to be advocates get almost literally up in arms about the nanosecond it’s suggested. Expanding mental health services would probably not reduce the use of psych meds.

“Expand access to mental health care” sounds like a nice rallying cry, though. It’s tough to argue with on the surface; you sound like you just want kids to toughen up and people to fend for themselves. The thing is that, when it came to Columbine, I did just that. I didn’t talk to any adult about Columbine until I was an adult (so at least seven years after the shootings) and the only time I talked to any of my friends about it when I was still a kid was the day it happened. We got released from hours of lockdown (that word was used in retrospect; during the event, we were not once told that “lockdown” was what was happening) and my friend’s mom came to pick us up. We walked into her house and saw the part of the live coverage that is now known as “the boy in the window”: Patrick Ireland struggling to escape from the second-floor library window that had been shot out and falling into the arms of the Denver SWOT team, who were standing on top of an ambulance. We had no idea what was going on; at one point, my friend recognized the aquamarine glass of Columbine High School but we quickly ruled that out because “they don’t have guns at schools.”

It wasn’t optimal to be confused about Columbine for years and to be unaware of its deep effects on my thinking and how I saw people, the world, myself, and the future. But, as an adult a generation later, I’ve started to understand for myself the shootings at Columbine and my proximity to them as a seventh-grader in spite of the years of therapy I had. In fact, I had “easy” access to mental health care my entire life and literally none of the five therapists I saw ever once asked me about Columbine when I mentioned I grew up in Littleton or when I said things that I am realizing now were conclusions I drew during lockdown on April 20th, 1999. I am just one person, of course, and there are survivors of the shootings, including people who were shot and horribly wounded but lived that day, that have mentioned benefiting from therapy in their 20-year-anniversary interviews.

But that’s a different scenario than postulating therapists as preventers of violence. Given that there are a growing number of survivors of the mental health industrial complex, therapy as a one-size-fits-all prophylactic for mass shootings is more wishful thinking (largely out of ignorance of how the mental health system actually works) than useful suggestion. But this would include the ability to have a candid, respectful conversation about the dangers of psych meds without canceling, shutting down or ridiculing people we disagree with, and we are farther away from that than we were in the days after Columbine.


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  1. With all due respect Megan, I think that expanded mental health services might actually do the trick. I know it’s not my preferred option but…….. consider the situation in Australia where guns were removed from the public as a direct result of Martin Bryant in Tasmania, and ‘mental health’ has expanded to cover every single person in the country as being a ‘patient’ who can be detained at any time in any place.

    One of the biggest problems with mental health treatments is getting them to the people who don’t recognise they need them. So in my State they have ‘expanded’ the powers of mental health professionals to allow them to have anyone they ‘suspect’ (“reasonable grounds” legal protection removed) might not be with the program snatched from their bed and ‘assessed’ (I think the correct term is interrogated but the medical euphemisms are quite useful for a community that prefers not to know what’s actually being done. What is this ash that is covering the town? Might be best you don’t know about that eh Senior Constable?).

    So these people who do have ‘insight’, and who know what is in the public interest, into the people who might have potential to go on a rampage are allowed to request that the potential mass murderer is presented to them and be questioned over their potential. Hence we see events such as this fairly often, though most don’t really require such ‘softening up’ before interrogation by mental health professionals.


    Now I get it, not everybody has the stomach for it, but lets be honest…. the data shows it works. We haven’t had a mass shooting here for ages. The police have killed a few potential mass murderers, and then there was that thing with a ‘terrorist’, but ask the people who live here and they will tell you it’s safe…. well, sort of. You do need to comply with the moral code of those who don’t need to comply with their moral code (using taxpayers dollars for hookers and ‘massages’ at Soapland [a ‘happy ending’ with every bar]. Or buying war medals on ebay and wearing them to Anzac day marches) lest you be subjected to arbitrary detention and ‘coercion’ by mental health services to confess.

    I used to think that fascism had died back in the 1940s but ……. it’s working quite well here in Australia (the Corporations call our Politicians and tell them what laws they want passed. See the recent exposure of telephone calls at a defamation trial where our AG had to “edit” his testimony. Our Premier receiving a call and a pat on the head from a media mogul).

    So, find out who it is that is trying to defend your freedoms and ‘neutralise’ them with a label and remove their human rights……. in fact, do what they have done here and don’t allow any human rights and flip the bird to the agreements signed with the U.N. No torture? yeah right, and how will they get people to confess? Especially now people are waking up to the fact they can’t trust their lawyers, doctors, parish priests, own families due to their being no privileged communications in common law.

    Australians may value a rule of law (as stated by our previous Prime Minister) but they certainly don’t live under one. At present the live under a Jack Boot. I’m sure it was nice for certain people in Germany during the late 1930s. But, good news is that such situations tend to change fairly quickly, especially when they start ‘gettin sassy’ with other Nations. Maybe there will be a dollar to be made by selling us weapons to defend our ‘freedoms’ should any other Nations in our region like to call in their debt? Time will tell in the Ukraine as to whether a profit can be made.

    To borrow from George Carlin……. They call it the Australian Dream,….. because you have to be asleep to believe it.

    Look what happened in Germany when they ‘expanded’ mental health services, and used the ‘genetic markers’ they had identified to create Utopia. Is there any better example of what happens when they do expand these ‘services’? And would their egos allow them to recognise their gradual separation from reality and slip into the delusional state they now appear to be in?

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  2. Theres strong evidence that Mass Shootings are caused by the unprofessional prescribing of Psychiatric Drugs.

    In the mid 1980s I mentioned to my Psychiatrist (and University Researcher) at Galway Ireland that the drug Fluphenazine Decanoate depot at 25mg/month had been causing disabling restlessness and suicidal reaction – and that my recovery had been due to coming off this drug…

    …He told me that he could have had somebody on 10 times or 25 times or even 40 times this level of drug and they would not have had the same side effects as I had experienced (- at the time I actually thought the Psychiatrist was DRUNK)….

    I believe this same Toxicity Phenomenon can apply to other Psychiatric Drugs as well – Antidepressants included.

    Better Off Without Antipsychotic Drugs?
    June 18, 2014
    E. Fuller Torrey, MD
    Psychiatric Times, Vol 31 No 6, Volume 31, Issue 6

    “…For example, a study published in 1982 reported that when a group of patients with schizophrenia were each given 20 mg of fluphenazine, the difference between the highest and lowest blood level of the drug was 40-fold… “

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    • …contd.

      Guns are strictly controlled In Ireland, but Ireland still has a high and unpredictable Homicide/Familicide rate usually carried out by otherwise normal people on psychotropic drugs (for ‘stress’).

      Ireland as a country also has a generally high psychotropic drug prescription rate.

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      • Every time those who have seen prescription drug-induced, AKATHISIA-related violence (against self and/or others) hear the media reporting on the tragedy of yet another ‘Mass Shooting: – We need to know that three fundamental, Primary Facts have been established and documented:

        1) What prescription drugs have been taken, withdrawn, dose or preparation within drug-class changed?

        2) Was there evidence of AKATHISIA, Disinhibition and Emotional Blunting prior to and/or during the event?

        3) Hence: Was this tragedy the result of SSRI/SNRI/ psychotropic drug induced violence? (Or one of many other prescription drugs that cause AKATHISIA).

        Looking for a ‘Motive’ without excluding AKATHISIA is incomplete.

        Often, the press quickly report that the suspect was receiving ‘Mental Health Care’.
        This means that the possibility of underlying AKATHISIA is greater; NOT that a ‘Disorder’ caused the violence.

        If these questions were routinely and meticulously documented, those who refuse to accept that AKATHISIA, Emotional Blunting and Disinhibition may trigger violence have the opportunity to prove themselves correct, or alternatively, to concede that this is indeed the case.

        Today, we learn that the unbearable sorrow has happened again.

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  3. From a blog I like to follow…

    Broken Kids…

    ~ Michael Mendizza

    The violence we see all around us, personal and global, is a failure of development. Period. The seed is not the cause, or to be blamed for being planted in poor soil, not being watered, isolated, shoved in a dark closet, screamed at, compared, humiliated, ignored, beaten, or illuminated by a screen instead of nature’s sunlight. Then, when these stunted plants grow sharp tangled thorns, we blame them for moral failure, punish them, chastise, incarcerate, and kill them, self-righteously.

    To blame guns, TV, video games, Twinkies, the bully next door, bad genes, and all the rest, for the pervasive violence, self-mutilation, self-medication, suicide, and similar unbelievable acts on others, is simply a misguided defense, empowering our justifications to continue to fail at our most basic challenge and responsibility; modeling what it means to be a whole, connected, available, awake, sensitive, empathically-entangled human beings. After all, that is what every child needs and is desperately screaming about, real and inspiring models.

    We are responsible for the society we co-create by our willing acceptance and participation, not guns or any other tool. We are responsible for the behaviors we model and allow at home. We are responsible for everything that happens at school, the form, structure, comparisons, curriculum, rewards, and punishments. We are responsible for everything our children experience with screen technologies. All the barbed wire around our schools, police, and metal detectors, won’t fix a thing. Rather, more of the same will only intensify the loneliness, hopelessness, despair, and inner rage our broken children feel.


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  4. The Columbine-perpetrators were receiving “treatment” (psychoactive drugs) when they became enraged and they killed people. Since that time, and at almost every similar rampage, the attackers were committing violent crime while being treated with prescribed psychiatric medications. The connection never is made in the reporting.

    I’ve lived close to two of these events and a major for-profit psychiatric corporation. This corporation’s activity is doling out drugs yet it chimes in the “Aint it awful” public discourse. Connection?

    The same corporation implies that it is a government agency. It is not and never was. Government agencies enjoy protections that private entities do not.
    Another connection?

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    • The most obvious one was the Germanwings aircraft murder/suicide. The guy TOLD his psychiatrist he was having trouble with his “meds” and asked for her help. I don’t think she did anything but continue him on the same drugs. And 150 people died needlessly. But his “mental disorder” was blamed instead of the psychiatrist’s mapractice and neglect.

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      • Exactly Right! It is common not to change a thing. However, I have heard from people whose prescribers saw a bad reaction as evidence that the patient was not being on enough of the offending drug. The prescriber, then, doubled the dosage.

        Coming off of those mega doses is a challenge! Now, might a violent behavior or delusional fit actually be caused by being suddenly left in a cold turkey state?

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      • “here’s one we prepared earlier”

        Mind you, i’ve been following the possible rule changes regarding the bad behaviour of our professional footballers who run for a ‘label’ as soon as their conduct unbecoming is exposed.

        My ADHD made me do it, and a sabbatical while the media searches for a distraction. The cocaine and hookers were a result of my ‘illness’. Used to be people would take responsibility, but I guess the amount of money has changed things since my day.

        If I get drunk and do something I shouldn’t, lets say drive and crash my car, that’s not a result of my ‘illness’. I had the capability to say might be best I don’t drink, or if I do maybe not drive the car? And if I do the community will understand that it was my undiagnosed illness, that will see me side step the courts and be back on the field in ……. say 4 weeks Doc?

        I think it’s a loophole the sporting associations are going to need to deal with (called ‘sheep dipping’ in the industry), but the discussion will not by any means be made public. Not while people are walking into the ‘pill mills’ by the droves because it’s the ‘fashionable’ thing to do. (Doctor prescribes ADHD drugs to 2074 ‘patients’ in a calendar year. Government ensures public can not be informed of this in the future with changes to legislation)

        If this story has raised any issues for you, call this number and we will have your human rights removed within the hour.

        Mind you, the ‘treatment’ for elite athletes is not the same as the stuff being handed out to your average Joanna. So much so, that it seems almost criminal to make the comparison. No offense to the people who did try and help me, but it might be best they don’t on one hand deliberately try to fuking destroy someone’s life and family with Police assistance (hospital A), and on the other try and help the person recover from the trauma (hospital B) until police find out they’re helping the person they want fuking destroyed for complaining. Then their families are at risk, and they need to get with the program and assist in fuking destroying.

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  5. My opinion is that there are lots of unhappy people around. But most unhappy people are unlikely to take the law into their own hands. It’s under the influence of psychiatic drugs that people are likely to “act out”.

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    • A person is unlikely to stab themselves multiple times in the stomach, (as has happened several times in Ireland), under the influence of unhappiness or even ‘insanity’ – But they they can do so under the influence of Psychiatric Drug Induced Acute Akathisia.

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  6. Exactly Right! It is common not to change a thing. However, I have heard from people whose prescribers saw a bad reaction as evidence that the patient was not being on enough of the offending drug. The prescriber, then, doubled the dosage.

    Coming off of those mega doses is a challenge! Now, might a violent behavior or delusional fit actually be caused by being suddenly left in a cold turkey state?

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  7. I don’t think things are going to change unless we address the recent disenfranchisement and willful neglect/abandonment of boys and young men in society. I don’t think this is necessarily a “mental health” thing but a support/resources one. I truly think it is the elephant in the room (at least it should be). Who commits the majority of mass shootings, YOUNG MEN. I think many young men today (of any ethnicity/socioeconomic class) feel lost and withdrawn from society. An increasing number drop out of school and don’t know where they fit in in an increasingly feminized world. I don’t think there is enough social/public support or encouragement for young boys to talk about their issues. Instead, many isolate and play video games, many of which are violent. Many have self image problems and get addicted to porn. There is no conversation around that.

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  8. Shootings — especially in the US, where they have happened and continue to happen with alarming regularity and what seems to be (?) increasing frequency, since COVID — are social problems, not “personal (“mental health”) issues.”

    Part of the problem is the neoliberalism-on-‘roids that has taken over the US, at all strata and also has permeated all professions, especially the psych-guilds (because — per Szasz — the psych guilds follow power, and the powers that be are deep into reductionism and the never ending inward gaze of psychobabble). I seem to recall reading some material here on MIA that indicates a noticeable shift since Reagan in the US and Thatcher in the UK, with self-help and the professional psych guilds all turning more towards individualistic, sometimes bio-reductionist, explanations of stress, distress, and madness.

    so, no; I do not think that “mental health awareness” and “more treatment!” will put a damper on the killing sprees. Now, it seems that many (most? all?) community mental health clinics in the US have some sort of “crisis mobilization unit,” which as best I can tell involves loading counselors up and sending them out to…

    talk? -shrug- Its 21st century America. Compassion, a real listener…these are now commodities, another set of goods and services. My “problem” with this is that the psych guild’s “help” is a deceptive trap, one that ensnares troubled (and/or troubling) individuals, their families, communities…

    and, really and truly, society -as a whole- . This is especially problematic in societies that have a democratic ideal and/or a concept of legal rights and responsibilities for their citizens. Again: Szasz, rehashing in the AM because I’m caffeinated and…why not?

    I do not think “mental health” will reduce school shooting or do much to address any social problems. I do not think “mental health” is designed to improve society or deal with social problems. At best — where I live, anyway — every once in a while some poor, distressed person gets “pushed over the edge,” the case gets handled as psych case (“treatment”), and the papers run the story with the implication: see, justice and compassion (the “cruel compassion” Szasz writes about, undoubtedly) can and do coexist. The system works.

    Other than that…the US is so gun-saturated that I don’t see how gun control laws would have that much of an effect now, anyway. Not that such laws are -doomed- , just…wow, way to wait till it is 15 minutes past “too late.” Perhaps focusing on inequality and finding ways to offer higher quality K-12 public schools, make upward mobility a reality and not a faded recollection of an increasingly distant “back then…”

    maybe? Perhaps? At most, I would think a stepped up “mental health” policy would eventually have to include giving some of the perpetrators of various crimes — including intense acts of violence — some sort of “treatment,” not the standard off to prison run. Not because “treatment” is effective in the long run or even humane, just…

    At best, I think perhaps an occasional case of a sad, desperate, angry, broken human being given the mercy of insanity (Szasz) could perhaps soften up the rest of us? not to “mental illness” so much as the harsh realities of life in the 21st century, and the understanding that people can and do “snap.” something like that, anyway. 🙂

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  9. Here PBS Newshour segment today:

    I object to this, talking about a youth mental health epidemic and a hotline “which works with children having serious emotional behavioral and mental health issues.”

    Now as I see it, that is just a child being set up in that position. It comes from the family.

    And they talk about most of these children getting no mental health treatment and many places which do not have a single child psychiatrist.

    Well Good!

    We have a huge labor surplus, and where it is going is into a parasitic industry, mental health, and that preys on other segments of the surplus. Mental health is promoted because some are making money off of it.

    But I acknowledge that they are talking about people who are suicidal, and that is seen as the real fault line where treatment is necessary.

    So what do you do, “Warm Lines”?

    People think they need someone to talk to. They don’t really need this, and even a warm line is not really safe. It can’t be.

    But if they think they need someone to talk to, then at as long as they think that way, they really do need it.

    So better to have the warm line than nothing, I guess.

    I really think there needs to be something which is based on political activism.

    And there are Suicide Prevention Lines which are not based on a Mental Health presumption.

    See years ago I did some research, a mission behind enemy lines. I visited a Born Again Mega Church. I did not go there on a Sunday, that would have been too much. I went to one of their week night events.

    I considered, see all the people there, could they be someplace else?

    I felt that yes, most of the people could have been some place else. That is the single people could have been else where.

    For the married people, their lives were too long and too heavily bound up in this. They could not be someplace else.

    But so what is that someplace else, what would it be like?

    I have ideas.


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  10. Here’s how it works . overloaded school teacher , believing the lie that psychiatry -farma is some kind of wonderful scientific health program , tells parents custody of their child will be taken away from them unless they agree to have their child examined by psych-farma . Once the writilin or some such poison concoction is prescribed , child labeled , can now return to class , with creativity diminished to continue to be worked on by the education system , mostly equivalent to a one way ticket to paluccaville. Probably by the time they are teenagers , also having been metal poisoned by other segments of the” health giving” professions like “modern dentistry” for example . Realizing they’ve been fucked over and that no one that even might listen has the power to do anything , in a futile search for self protection some reach for the handgun some others for the automatic weapon . Combining this experience with any number of psych-farma concoctions could well mean disaster on the horizon. The dishonest maneuvers of Big Pharma and psychiatry alone is the end of hopes for civilized living.
    I just saw a western about Wyatt Earp in Wichita Kansas and Tombstone Arizona . There was a sign that was posted in town and outside of town that said everyone had to turn their guns in as soon as they entered town . The guns would be returned when they were ready to leave town. That was back in the 1800’s .
    Just yesterday some guy disguised himself as a woman , got up on a roof of a building so he could machine gun down a 4th of July holiday crowd of innocent people in Highland Park Illinois. Just about 45 minutes by car from where I grew up in Chicago.
    Where I live i’m surrounded by fervent worshipers of automatic weapons , shotguns and handguns. They rather spend money on guns then food . The ones around me, live to intimidate and are just dying to find an excuse to use their weapons . I do have a bow and arrow . Just for peace of mind. I’m talkin about Oregon. And I’m 75 years old. When I look out across the way 12 ft. away I see the stars and bars flag draped from my “neighbors” window . I guess 4th of july for some people means the freedom to hate. I hate racism.
    Whatever happened to Woody Guthrie’s dream of America ?
    Where have all the flowers gone?

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    • Is Psych – Pharma a large part of a eugenics program targeting the 99% ? Creating violence, while having posed as a health providing organization and continuing while ever so smoothly transitioning into a behavior control organization . Is it perhaps , in order to create justification for the “elite wing” to much easier limit more and more human rights , with a goal of bringing on full bore authoritarian rule ?
      Are the horrific side effects pharma creates for the people , purposely designed into their “medications” or are the effects just incidental ? Inquiring minds want to know.

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      • Hi Fred,

        “Is it perhaps , in order to create justification for the “elite wing” to much easier limit more and more human rights , with a goal of bringing on full bore authoritarian rule ?”

        Glad to hear your discussing this openly.

        The fact is where I live the police are free to torture individuals into ‘confessions’ and then remove any and all property a person has worked for (under proceeds of crime legislation), and then use the Mental Health Act to have the trauma caused by the torture labelled as a mental illness and ‘treat’ them by poisoning them (electricity added to the ‘bill’ recently) till they comply and remain silent regarding their ‘treatment’.

        Torture, then make a mental health referral for ‘assessment’ to the local hospital which always seems to find an ‘illness’ that requires a chemical kosh (living with your wife and having a University degree considered enough grounds for you to be considered a threat worthy of ‘chemical restraint’). These Police referrals quite convenient for the State should they come across someone who has been ‘flagged’ for ‘treatment’ due to them speaking inconvenient truths. The cover ups of them done via threats and intimidation of peoples families.

        There have been numerous examples of this including one man who was subjected to repeated use of a tazer to his lower spine, who then ended up in hospital. The video concealed by the ‘legal process’ [the corruption watchdog actually being used to ensure misconduct goes unpunished because the public are not aware of what is being done. Not in their interests to be aware of the torture programs being run out of places wrongly called hospitals] while the mans “edited” ‘records’ were released, unlawfully, to the public to slander his character.

        There is another video I have posted elsewhere of a man having his head stomped by police who was also ‘snowed’ after being ‘detained’ for refusing to comply with instructions from a nurse. He had sat waiting to be seen by a doctor for 24 hours plus, and got up and left….. to be run over by a police car and then have his head kicked and stomped on. “That’s the Ticket”

        Given that all that needs to occur is for a nurse (or mental health practitioner) to call police and request they detain their “outpatient” before people can be snatched from their beds, what is actually left of our human rights? Drugged without your knowledge? Not a problem when the whole community is considered “outpatients”.

        Full bore authoritarian rule? Where already there in Australia. Especially when ‘legal representatives’ are actively assisting in the retrieval of documented proof of these human rights abuses before forging and uttering with letters from the supposed authorities charged with providing protections form such abuses.

        Once again I hear our new Prime Minister blethering about a rule of law. We don’t have one for Australians to value as a direct result of the provisions of the Mental Health Act and the failure to provide the protections of the law by police who simply neglect their duty when confronted with the crimes committed by the State.

        The State being responsible for crimes of public officers a problem not dissimilar to the problem faced by Himmler with Josef Hartinger at Dachau (see Corrina Horvath at the U.N.). History now repeating?

        And to be honest about “not in the public interest”, they really don’t seem to care very much about who is being tortured etc, as long as it’s not them of course. Our ‘spirit of Australia” gone some time ago (ask the man who coined the term and who is asking for it to be returned from our National Airline). A myth used by our politicians to harken back to days that never were. Seen that somewhere before too.

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  11. There is no need to conflate mental health as an issue that can only be addressed by ” Experts ” . Have we so lost our humanity that we can’t be there for others, give them the space to express their anger, frustration, fears, confusion all things that we ourselves are concerned about. Don’t worry if you don’t have the answers, the ” experts ” don’t have them either, perhaps there are no answers, but we certainly can listen without pulling out the mental health care literally. Reach in our wallet and retrieve a business card given to us buy a friend of a ” professional ” Why can’t we just listen to people express real emotions? That doesn’t sound like to much to ask.

    Not only does listening without interruptions, without judgment, with an open heart empower our friends it very much empowers us, perhaps it even re-establishes our humanity.

    “Indeed, no social emotion is more widespread today than the conviction of personal powerlessness, the sense of being beset, beleaguered, and persecuted.” Arthur M Schlesinger Jr.

    Experts have taken away our power to be compassionate? This is the direction they are taking us in all aspects of life. Trust the experts, remember ” You are not an expert ”

    The truth is we don’t trust ourselves……..Terrance McKenna puts it this way:
    “ We are mercilessly worked over by these informational hierarchies that disempower us that take away from the power of our own immediate experiences”

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  12. Extremely disturbing video:
    Exclusive Uvalde video shows school shooting, police in hallway after shooter entered classroom

    Sounds like the shooter is able to fire full auto. Either that or it is just echo. To fire full auto he must have had the special little parts to modify his weapon.

    Police investigating deadly double shooting in South Philadelphia

    7/12 – WATCH: 7th Hearing of the House January 6th Committee


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  13. About an average day. For one thing, school is not in session:

    South Africa
    Anarchy in Alexandra, as shooting sparks SHUTDOWN | NEWS IN A MINUTE

    Warning, Fox News is just propaganda
    ‘The Five’: Lawlessness forcing Starbucks to provide active shooter training

    Bodycam video released in shooting of knife-wielding woman in Flossmoor (Chicago news)

    Double shooting at fast-food restaurant in Framingham under investigation (Massachusetts)

    NYC bridge shooting: Man found dead in pickup truck


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  14. Spree Shooting Indiana, 3 killed, shooter had 2x 5.56mm rifles and a .357 pistol. Shopping Mall Food Court, Greenwood Indiana

    3 killed in mass shooting at Indiana mall l GMA

    Uvalde school shooting report reveals ‘systemic failure’ in law enforcement response | ABCNL



    Opening statements underway in Parkland school shooting trial (2018 Florida school shooting, death penalty jury trial)


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  15. 5 people injured in Mount Vernon Walmart shooting | FOX 13 Seattle 7/18 (sounds like it was conflict which developed, not a random spree shooting)

    Gunman in Greenwood Park Mall shooting identified

    Police praise armed citizen who killed alleged Indiana mall shooter l GMA

    What we know about the armed civilian who killed Greenwood gunman

    Greenwood Park Mall shooting: Greenwood PD with more details on victims and shooter

    Armed bystander stops mass shooting | NewsNation Tonight (warning, Right Wing News)

    A gunman was killed by an armed bystander. How often does that happen? (looks to be quite rare)

    Parkland school shooting gunman faces death penalty as trial opens – BBC News

    Testimony begins in Parkland school shooter’s penalty trial | July 18
    7 hours!


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  16. Mass shooting investigation: Former FBI agent weighs in on next steps
    Greenwood Indiana (FOX)

    Latest information on a mass shooting that left 3 dead, 2 wounded in Greenwood

    In the News: Bowling Alley Shooting, COVID Hospitalizations, Bay Area Exodus (Livermore CA, NBC)

    1 Injured, 1 Detained in Stabbing at SFO Baggage Claim Area: Police

    Car-to-car shooting leaves man wounded in South Los Angeles

    2 teens shot in Manhattan; police searching for gunman

    NYPD holds news conference following shooting of 2 teen boys in Harlem

    Watch: Dona Ana Sheriff’s Office holds news conference regarding fatal Vinton shooting (NM and El Paso TX)

    LIVE: Parkland school shooting gunman faces death penalty (3hrs)


    Meet the 10-Year-Old Prodigy Already Attending College | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN (2020, but actually from 1999, Greg Smith)

    To me he sounds like Greta Thunberg. Though when I first heard her she was 16yo.

    Also, the first time I heard her she went along with this Asperger’s label. Later when I heard her again, a bit older, more relaxed and used to speaking to people in English, she completely pooh-poohed this idea of “Asperger’s”

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  17. I’m not endorsing the idea of Mental Illness, or Psychiatry or Psychotherapy, but if you do want to understand these spree shootings, I think reading between the lines, this book would be revelatory. You just can’t take the author’s voice straight. And no, we don’t want there to be any more ~mental health~ treatment for anyone.

    Frank James was a product of the mental health system.

    Aurora mass shooter’s psychiatrist says he was very anxious l ABCNL


    Man critical after shooting in River North (Chicago)

    Milwaukee homicide suspect dead after shooting self | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    MPD: Domestic-related double fatal shooting | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    Milwaukee man killed in road rage shooting | FOX6 News Milwaukee


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  18. Survivor Says Politicians Are Using Mass Shooter Talking Points

    This is good, though he still should not be propagating the concept of Mental Health.
    Perpetrators of Mass Shootings Aren’t Always ‘Mentally Ill’

    Mass Shooting in Ellaville, Georgia – 3 People Murdered Including a Pregnant Woman | Abolish the 2nd


    ‘I Think It’s Worth It:’ Mom Alerts Police to Son’s Mass Shooting Plans, Michigan, though I think some time ago.


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  19. Highland Park mayor speaks at Senate hearing on mass shootings

    Palatka man arrested for threatening mass shooting on social media, police say
    Jul 20, 2022 Andrew Pierce Phillips

    Video Shows Nikolas Cruz at McDonald’s After Committing Deadly Mass Shooting (Parkland Florida 2018, now eligible for death penalty)

    ATF Director Steve Dettelbach on mass shootings, rising gun violence

    ATF Director Steve Dettelbach on gun violence in America


    Steve Bannon’s conviction, Jan. 6 panel’s accomplishments

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  20. BREAKING NEWS: MASS SHOOTING SAN PEDRO, CA PECK PARK 5 INURED & 2 PEOPLE KILLED, Shooters may have been wearing body armor.

    4 wounded, 2 critically in mass shooting in Back of the Yards Neighborhood, Chicago, more than 50 people shot since Friday night

    Four people, including a suspected gunman, are dead following a shooting at Iowa’s Maquoketa Caves State Park campground.

    First responders share their perspective on Greenwood park mall shooting

    Indiana Police: Mall Shooting Suspect Had Juvenile Record, No Adult Criminal History (7 days ago)


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  21. Several people killed in Canada mass shooting | 7NEWS near Vancouver

    North Port child arrested for mass shooting threat

    A gunman is on the run tonight after Chris Rymer was shot | 7NEWS

    Nova Scotia shooting: RCMP boss testifies about “miscommunication” on alleged interference in probe


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  22. Police have identified the victims of Monday’s shooting spree in Langley, BC.

    Shooting in Canada leaves three dead, including suspected gunman

    Flashback: Former Airman Goes On Shooting Spree In Texas Church…

    Daniel Remeta: Spree Killer Files (1984 Michigan)

    Florida man going to prison for life following shooting spree

    A brief discussion over the tragic Uvalde shooting and commentary on recent developments.


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  23. Detroit police provide update on shooting that left 2 dead, 6 injured after parking dispute

    Roanoke man charged with second-degree murder after fatally shooting brother, police say. Virginia

    Man killed in drive-by shooting (Memphis, incident 2 years ago, unsolved)

    Shooting overnight led to a carjacking and police chase. (Houston)

    Suspect search continues in downtown Orlando shooting (Orlando)

    Man dead in shooting in St. Louis’ Central West End neighborhood (St. Louis)


    Oakland shooting at Pop Warner football game injures 3 (California)


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  24. ‘Like a stampede’: Woman grazed by bullets in downtown Orlando shooting shares story

    Shooting breaks out as Milwaukee church parishioners leave service

    19-year-old dead in targeted, gang-related shooting, alderwoman says

    Officers investigate 2 overnight shootings in southwest Miami-Dade

    Hollywood Farmers’ Market: LAPD in standoff with suspect after reports of shooting I ABC7


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  25. Chandler Mall shooting suspect arrested and accused of firing 30 rounds
    Woman killed during barbecue as drive-by shooting erupts outside Philadelphia home

    Breaking News: Shooting investigation underway at a gas station in Natomas

    Boy, 14, fatally shot in Queens; body found on driveway

    Milwaukee shooting reported on I-43 | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    Elwood Shooting Suspect: Attorneys explain sentencing in Indiana

    Man injured in Orange Mound shooting

    Vehicle sought in Maywood shooting death of ex-basketball star

    One killed in East Oakland shooting (California)

    North Carolina deputy dies after being shot in standoff

    Woman shot, killed in NW Miami


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  26. Three people dead after a shooting in rural North Queensland | 9 News Australia

    News 5 Exclusive: Inside look at Mobile Police active shooter training (Mobile Alabama)

    Kenosha shooting leaves 2 seriously hurt | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    Woman shot, killed at Marathon gas station on Highway 280 in Hoover

    Man charged in shooting of Brooklyn McDonald’s worker during cold fries fight

    San Francisco Muni bus shooting leaves 1 dead, 1 wounded

    July 4 parade shooting suspect pleads not guilty (highland Park Illinois)


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  27. Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas
    news shooting 6:04 live

    Mirage shooting news conference

    1 killed, several injured in sh ooting at Mirage hotel on Las Vegas Strip

    Mirage Las Vegas Shooting Live News About Tragedy On Las Vegas Strip Thursday Night

    City of Norfolk news conference on E. Plume St. quadruple shooting (this city is advancing a preposterous legal position)

    Woman in critical condition after shooting involving off-duty officer on Stevenson Expressway

    BOGIE: Mass Shooting Queensland Today | Qld Shooting Queensland | 9 News Australia | NBC News | Fox

    In the News: Suspected Pellet-Gun Shooter, People’s Park Protests, Boudin Not Seeking Re-Election ( Pellet-Gun Shooter Arrested by San Jose PD )

    Mall Of America In Suburban Minneapolis Shooting News: No Victim Found In Shooting At MOA

    Mall of America shooting: Police brief media after shots fired at mall


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  28. 2 arrested in Racine cemetery shooting: police | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    Downtown Orlando to be surrounded by security checkpoints after shooting injures 7

    Security guard shot near UIC questions why charges haven’t been filed

    Man killed in Overbrook shooting after witnesses reported hearing argument, police say (Philadelphia)

    Mall of America placed on temporary lockdown following a shooting that sent shoppers running


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  29. Multiple people injured in Cincinnati shooting | GMA

    Six Wounded in San Diego Shootings Overnight | FOX 5 News Now

    Police arrest suspect accused of attacking veteran San Francisco commissioner

    Gunfight in Maricopa ends in police shooting of a suspect, authorities say

    Woman wounded, man killed in Albany Park shooting

    Shooting suspect hospitalized after being shot by officer outside Salt Lake Indoor Swap Meet

    Shooting near Beale Street leaves one critical

    Suspect wounded in West Valley City police shooting (Utah)

    Milwaukee shooting leaves 1 dead, 1 hurt near 76th and Grantosa | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    Bloomington police chief gives update on Mall of America shooting


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  30. Police release photos of person of interest in Atlanta park shooting | 11Alive News at Noon

    LA Fitness deadly shooting was ‘random’; SA police chief defends 76-hour standoff | KENS 5 News Now

    Triple shooting outside Philadelphia Popeyes leaves 1 employee dead, 2 others injured

    Downey police officer Killed | Downey Shooting Today | Monterey Park Shooting | NEWS

    SDPD investigating 6 shootings over the weekend

    Suspect charged with murder in shooting at Broad River Road gas station

    Racine Graceland Cemetery shooting amid gang dispute, man charged | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    Police investigating shooting at Hollywood laundromat

    Deadly shooting in Downey leaves one person dead


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  31. 2 arrested after Morgantown shooting left man in critical condition (Indiana)

    1 dead after shooting on Indy’s east side, possible second victim injured

    Off-duty SoCal police officer fatally shot in Downey identified as 26-year-old Gardiel Solorio

    Albuquerque’s Muslim Community Mourns 4 Killed as Suspect Arrested, Calls for Counseling & Support


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  32. PIX Now: Deadly Brentwood Shooting CA

    15 Year Old Kid Shot In Front Of His Mother #pray, North Philadelphia

    Man, teen arrested in connection to deadly shooting of off-duty officer in Downey CA

    Suspect in Arcadia reportedly shot officer in the face; family member shot in upper body CA

    Witness describes scene of shooting, barricade in Arcadia neighborhood

    Richmond police officer shot during traffic stop (Indiana)

    Calls for police accountability in highway shooting that critically injured woman (Chicago)

    Deputies shoot, kill Federal Officer in Keys

    Police investigating after multiple shot with gel bullets in St. Petersburg (Pellet Gun)

    San Diego: Shooting 08102022

    Standoff ends in shooting, suspect hospitalized


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  33. They are proceeding bill by bill.

    Some seem to be getting put into Roll Call A or Roll Call B. I think that means they they will almost certainly be based, in one of these two big blocks. I guess a member could pull something out and have it voted on individually.

    A few are designated as “hold in committee”. And for some they say “Republicans not voting.” I think this is just symbolic as it is only about 5 % Republicans.

    Susan Eggman has a lot of stuff in there, much about mental health. They passed some mental health data collection. Something else was hold in committee.

    And they held in committee something I had now been aware of:

    S.B.No. 1427Ochoa Bogh.Homeless and Mental Health Court and Transitioning Home Grant Programs.

    The Chair said he needed to take a break and he is talking to people at the desk and has not been back in his chair for at least 30min.

    California Democratic Party
    Our party has found its own way to create fear and bring people out to the polls. Just as the Republicans talk about crime, immigration, and abortion, the California Democrats are now running entirely on mental health. A large slice of our population is to be sacrificed for drugging, internment, and regular check ins with their therapist via cell phone. And another large population slice is to be designated as carers for those deemed unable to help themselves and unworthy of living autonomus lives. This not only soaks up a lot of surplus labor, these mental health and social workers will show up to vote.

    Governor Gavin Newsom is pushing through his Care Courts legislation, Umberg SB-1338, special courts to subject the unhoused to involuntary psychiatric procedures and internment, and to subject them to conservatorship if they do not cooperate with a “treatment plan”.

    This focus on mental health and coercion has been spearheaded by Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, who himself designated his 13yo daughter as scapegoat and put her into the psychiatric system and into an out of state institution. Now as soon as the juvenile had contact with the mental health system this should have triggered mandatory reporting and a Child Protective Services intestigation. The doctors in public practice do adhere to mandatory reporting.

    But with the doctors in private practice it is a different story. A judge would have authority over the parents. A mental health therapist will have no authority over the parents. He or she has been hired by the parents. So they take the postion that they know what is best and that if there is any problem they will mediate with the parents. So if you hire these kinds of doctors, they know their position and they know who they are working for. They are indeed a Fix My Kid Service even though this is in complete defiance of Mandatory Reporting.

    Now we don’t know that happened with Darrell Steinberg’s daughter, but we do know that today at the age of 27, the girl believes that she has a mental illness, bipolar. And the system needs bipolar to have objective reality, and her father Darrell Steinberg needs it, because with the way schizophrenia has been conceived, it is hard to imagine it in an adolescent. And the system also needs autism, because with the way bipolar and schizophrenia are conceived, it is hard to imagine them in a pre-adolescent child. What really seems to drive these cases are identity conflicts between parent and child, and it is also just because some parents need to find in their child the locus of Original Sin. And in some cases the parents will have a religious community backing them up.

    Care Courts is also being championed by State Senator and co-author Susan Eggman, whose family also designated someone as scapegoat, Susan’s Aunt Barbara. Eggman says that Barbara’s mental health issues “drove her onto the street.” Well this just about has to be over family conflict issues. And Eggman says that she “refused all of their efforts when they tried to help.” Well this again is over family identity conflict. The idea of “mental health issues” is just how they wrote her off and then seemingly leaving her to die either unhoused or institutionalized.

    Darrel Steinberg has centered his entire political career on mental health, and he has set up a mental health institute, headed by Thomas Insel. Insel always explains that he is Gavin Newsom’s mental health advisor. Insel seems to want everyone to be regulated by chemical mood alterants. And he has medications which produce the euphoria of sex, and he promotes LSD, all in the name of mental health. He also has a startup company, Mindstrong, which will have people using their cell phones to, while medicated, check in with their therapist for auditing.

    And no one seems to know how to answer this neoliberal Democrat message, because the pitch is that they are helping the helpless. And so at the state level now, California has come very close to being a one party state, even though our California Democratic Party is siding with medical child abusers.

    As advanced industrial and information technology has decimated the demand for labor, we have designated a large slice of the population as suitable for internment and drugging, turning poverty and homelessness into mental illness. And we have designated another slice as the caretakers, mental health and social workers. And as these vote, the Democratic Party and its pro-medical child abuse mental health doctrine goes unchallenged.


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  34. This unscheduled break has gone on well over an hour. The Chair is obviously there, not not in his seat. He is talking to people.

    I hope that they realize that the state Democratic Party has sided with child abusers, in pushing for care courts and Darrell Steinberg, Susan Eggman, and Thomas Insel.


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  35. Okay, so they said SB-1338 “Do Pass, Republicans Not Voting” and I think then it is in either the A or B roll call. And they talked about amendments.

    If really Republicans did not vote, that would be the biggest group of decenters from it yet.

    I will follow this. I think it still has to pass the full assembly and then go back for the full senate.


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  36. Democracy Now, Friday Aug 12

    How the firearms industry markets to consumers

    Armed suspect who tried to breach Cincinnati FBI building dead after standoff, police say

    Armed suspect who tried to breach Cincinnati FBI building dead after standoff, police say

    Domestic Terrorist Attacks FBI Building in Cincinnati

    Armed Suspect In Cincinnati FBI Attack Who Was At Capitol On Jan. 6 Dies In Standoff

    Man with rifle, nail gun, body armor tries to break into Ohio FBI field office l ABCNL


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    2 hospitalized following shooting at Uvalde park, police say l ABC News

    Uvalde mayor believes shooting at park is gang-related

    Breaking News! Another shooting in Uvalde, Texas. 2 shot juvenile suspect is at large!

    Little girl shot in Birmingham

    Fultondale man charged in shooting that injured 4-year-old girl

    Fatal shooting of 2 Cobb County Sheriff’s Office deputies


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  38. Fatal shooting near 21st and Cherry in Milwaukee | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    3 injured after triple shooting near vacant Northridge Mall, Milwaukee

    Security footage, 911 calls detail deadly shooting rampage that killed 2 people in Phoenix

    Watch: Video Shows Shooter In Phoenix Fire Multiple Rounds In Rampage That Killed 2

    Barricaded church gunman arrested after shooting at Westland cops (Michigan)


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  39. Suspects receive bonds of $1M and $2M in fatal shooting of Pct. 3 Deputy Omar Ursin

    Three Dead In Overnight Shooting In West Park, Miami

    Michigan Man Killed By Police After Shooting Wife And Daughter

    Neuropsychologist testifies at Parkland school shooter’s sentencing trial | September 12 , Florida

    Family remembers victim of Memphis shooting rampage

    1 dead, 1 wounded in Lincoln Heights shooting, Los Angeles

    65th and Villard shooting; 16-year-old boy dead | FOX6 News Milwaukee


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  40. Cheers Shooting: 1 dead in shooting at Natomas sports bar, Sacramento County

    Deadly shooting investigation underway in Natomas

    Suspect killed after GTA shootings leave 2 dead, including police officer, Toronto

    TIMELINE: Here is what we know about the fatal shooting of a Toronto police officer

    Apparent shooting on Dillingham leaves man hospitalized, Honolulu

    Couple injured in Highway 4 shooting and crash, Contra Costa County CA

    Two Teen Boys Killed in Shooting at Lincoln Heights Street Carnival | NBCLA, Los Angeles


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  41. Milwaukee police briefing after police shooting near 33rd and Galena | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    Milwaukee police shooting; suspect dead | FOX6 News Milwaukee

    Food delivery driver shot on West Side, Chicago

    Deputies responding to reported active shooter at Houston ISD’s Heights High School (22 hours ago, so it must have diffused)

    One man dead, another seriously injured after shooting inside Newport News apartment, VA


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