“Think Twice Before Using Ritalin on Children as Terrible Side-Effects are Common”


Miriam Stoppard writes an opinion piece on the lack of good research on Ritalin, a drug often used for ADHD, and discusses the latest Cochrane review which found a high percentage of side-effects in children. Despite the lack of quality evidence, “NHS figures show that nearly one million ADHD prescriptions were handed out last year in England – a number that has more than doubled in 10 years.”

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  1. “side-effects”

    Ritalin feels just like cocaine especially the crash part when it wears off, its not as abrupt but its the same thing.

    I always say parents should take an adult size dose of the stuff before giving it to the kids , its impossible to really understand how it works what its doing by just observing the child from the outside.

    One of my first thoughts when I tried ADHD drugs as an adult was OMG they give this stuff to kids !

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