“Addiction is a Response to Childhood Suffering: In Depth with Gabor Maté”


Popular addiction news outlet, the fix, interviews Dr. Gabor Maté on addiction, the holocaust, the “disease-prone personality” and the pathology of positive thinking. “Until people manage to change society so society takes a different approach, suffering is going to happen,” said Maté.  “What people need is a lot of awareness, a lot of consciousness so they can identify stressors and eliminate them when they are capable of doing so and find ways of living with them when they can’t.”

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  1. “…they survived by repressing their emotions, and that suppression of emotion was tied to their development of disease.”

    I agree with this, in particular. Once I separated from the system, I had to work through, purge, and transmute a lot of suppressed emotion, given how expressing anger only leads to trouble for clients. As I resolved the inner conflicts and splits caused by this, my physical health improved steadily. Definitely a direct correlation, it was totally synchronistic all the way, really easy to track day to day.

    The more I resolved and released and healed my mind and spirit from having been chronically stigmatized, gaslighted, and blatantly discriminated against, the healthier my body became. Moreover, ever since I started being authentic in my emotions, regardless of outside judgment or projections, I’ve maintained my health perfectly, so I find this correlation to be really good natural medicine.

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