Stupid Blind Hope

“Stupid Blind Hope”


Jennifer Maria Padron

Author, Mad In America

jen in sepia in atlanta


The snow outside the Johns Hopkins Building is three feet tall

It covered my blue and orange tennis shoes and wet them from inside out like I do you

My jeans got all cold and tight around my legs and my suitcase made a hole, hole in it

The circule metal fan above goes around and around above my head cutting shards off

I wanna frame this and that and say, these are the salad days

Like I once heard and now wanna take this freedom the next nine hours and spend it all

She said she did and then she didn’t and there aint’ no unconditional love

That’s selfish and I maybe see it for what it is now

Stupid blind hope will getcha everytime

Love her fierce is all you can ever do

Love it like it’s your last, “… breathe with me close…”

Like a bandit, like a blanket that scratches and makes you sweat in sleep

It falls back one by one and moves in two’s not by shadow


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