“The Search for Schizophrenia Genes”


MIA contributor Jonathan Leo, writing for Slate, weighs in on the research that claims to have discovered a genetic basis for schizophrenia. “We now know that biomarkers or specific genes for psychological conditions do not exist, that this research will not lead to magic pharmacological bullets, and that many of our assumptions about mental illness were wrong,” he writes. “The message for the psychiatry community is to rethink how it treats patients, how it allocates research money, and its emphasis on the biological treatments of psychological conditions.”

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  1. I love Jonathan Leo’s articles. I wish that his article would be cross-posted on MIA as well. I encourage MIA staff to solicit this from Leo if possible; to post his writings on MIA as well as on places like Slate. Leo has recently written several excellent articles on the lack of genetic basis/heritability of DSM diagnoses that have appeared in other webzines but not on MIA. We need to get him back.

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