• Disagree.

      If a person is chronically in severe emotional pain and has tried all avenues to find a way out for a number of years, then I would support their decision.

      It is clear that “mental illness” cannot be addressed with the “medications” currently available as it isn’t an illness at all, and so consequently, adequate palliative care is not available, as it may be for terminal physical conditions.

      If a person is capable of making decisions about their life and has undergone counselling and proved that this is a considered and genuinely held position, and not a reaction to some temporary circumstance that will pass or pressure from “loved ones”, then I believe it might be a valid one.

      “Slippery slope” arguments are trotted out too often with little, if any, real evidence to support them whenever the right-to-die debate re-emerges.

      I can’t help feeling it is a circular argument that supports psychiatry….ie if you choose to die you must be mentally ill…go see a psychiatrist and get some “medication”, even though those medications etc have been proven neither safe nor efficacious.

      To die can be a choice and need not be because of “mental Illness” and need not lead towards the equally mythical “slippery slope”.

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      • Oh…and I certainly don’t think psychiatrists should be allowed anywhere near any patient who seeks their right to die as it will just provide another demographic upon which they can inflict their bogus treatments and torture.

        Their wish to be involved is purely about position and power and increasing their customer base. It has NOTHING to do with the wellbeing or needs of those people.

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  1. To think, right around the time I was three, thinking to myself I may be the only one who ever actually had thoughts of wanting to die. Wondering if the thought even crossed another’s mind. Never, did I imagine all of this.

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  2. Doctor assisted suicide in cases of “mental illness”[ so-called is murder. “Mental illness” so-called isn’t terminal. Suicide doesn’t need assistance by definition. Failure at suicide is “mental illness”, no, not by definition, by law.. You have the right to kill yourself. Failing at suicide will get you a psychiatric label and treatment. This is farce where it isn’t murder aka assisted suicide. I certainly don’t approve of doctors killing people who are perfectly capable of killing themselves. Self destruction doesn’t need a middleman. I remember when medicine used to be about saving lives.

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