“Not Yet Kicked: The Consequences of Big Tobacco’s Targeting of Mentally Ill People”


“Two big lies—that smoking relieves the symptoms of psychosis, depression and anxiety and that mentally ill people have a special immunity to tobacco-related diseases—were propagated so aggressively by cigarette-makers that plenty of people still believe them,” Sally Chew writes in The Influence. “It continues in the culture and in the mental health field.”

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  1. Smoking bans inpatient psychiatry….

    Are you feeling so awful you checked into or got checked into a psychiatric facility ?

    Well their is no better time to quit smoking than in the middle of a mental health crisis so we banned it. Did you hear those horrific screams and commotion ? That was the last patient that needed a cigarette and protested. They were assaulted, held down , penetrated with a Haldol needle and put in restraints. What were you saying about needing a cigarette ?

    NAMI supports smoking bans inpatient that cause violence http://www.madinamerica.com/forums/topic/nami-supports-smoking-bans-inpatient-that-cause-violence/

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