“Mental health patients to Bernie Sanders: Don’t compare us to the GOP candidates”


The Washington Post reports that Bernie Sanders’ remark likening the “antics” of Republican candidates during recent debates to people with mental health challenges has drawn an indignant response from people with mental health challenges. The remark “perpetuated the idea that those with mental illnesses are inherently dangerous,” according to one source.

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From the article:

“… while Trump was widely lambasted for mocking a New York Times reporter with a physical disability, Sanders’s crack at the expense of the mentally disabled was not only accepted, but in fact applauded by the debate crowd. [The line] referenced people with mental illness explicitly as a means to bash Republicans,” Vox’s German Lopez concurred, “and it perpetuated the idea that those with mental illnesses are inherently dangerous.”


Sanders Burns Mentally Ill In Attempted Swipe At GOP Candidates (Forbes)


    • OK maybe “borderline Zionism” is a little strong. But he has been noticeably silent on Israeli atrocities such as the attack on Gaza, and supports continued US arms going to the Israeli state.

      I would still vote for him and hopefully people could struggle with him over these sorts of issues. There’s no one else at the moment I could say that about.

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