“Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix Linked to Over 500 Suicides: Should It Retain Its FDA Approval?”


The FDA has received reports of over 544 suicides and 1,869 attempted suicides connected to the smoking cessation drug Chantix, according to a new report. Reports also cite “inexplicable and unprovoked” episodes of violence. “First, the violence was absolutely unpredictable and senseless. Second, the victim was anybody who happened to be nearby. It could have been a fiancé. It could have been a mother. It could have been a police officer. And third, these people had no history of violence and were unlikely prospects for a violent act.”

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  1. The odd effects, and common symptoms of antidepressant discontuation syndrome, from Wellbutrin, given for smoking cessation, was the etiology of my “bipolar” misdiagnosis. And moronic doctors had odd delusions I would believe I had a “lifelong, incurable, genetic mental illness,” of which I had no family history. Can we get dumber and more unethical people into the medical industry?

    Later, I had another doctor try to prescribe me Chantix, I said I’d research it, and take it if I thought it would work well for me. He had the gall to tell me not to research it. Oh, I so hate to disobey doctors orders, but all I had to do was read the fine print on the television ad, to know it wasn’t for me. I’m quite certain, in a sane and ethical society, the Chantix would be taken off the market. But, so probably too, would most of the psychiatric drugs.

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