“Can Psychological Treatments be Harmful?”


The side effects of antidepressants are well known – nausea, dry mouth, constipation and loss of interest in sex. But what if your depression is being treated by a psychological therapy? Are there any risks in that? In the Guardian, Luisa Dillner covers new research in the British Journal of Psychiatry suggesting that one in twenty may have “lasting bad effects” from psychological treatment.

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  1. I had lasting bad effects from psychological care. But my “holistic, Christian talk therapist,” according to her medical records, was actually a Holy Spirit blaspheming, ELCA child abuse covering up pathological liar. Shame such criminals are who our government, police, lawyers, judges, and religious leaders want practicing medicine, though. It strikes me doctors who profiteer off covering up child abuse should be arrested instead, but not in the US today. Covering up child abuse, with psychiatric defamation and tranquilization, is big business in the US today. Gosh, do I live in a sick society?


    Unfortunately, I do.

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  2. Moderation vs. Abstinence: What’s More Effective?

    For some people programs of total absence do them more harm then good because they never learn how to have a slip without falling. You can never drink or party again… that’s to much for some people so they give up on trying to get better entirely. Some people should never drink or do drugs again cause it always goes bad real fast every time.

    Some people are always harmed with cookie cutter type therapies.

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