“A Poor Brain is as Worthy as a Rich Brain: Psychotherapy’s Privilege Problem”


“Researchers argue poor communities and communities of colour face an inordinate amount of suffering and trauma, by virtue of their positioning at the very bottom of the US’s deeply unequal socioeconomic and racial ladder.”

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  1. One of the solutions to the actual problems is to decrease the level of income inequality, which is a societal problem, of course – rather than an individual “brain disease” issue. Of which today’s DSM believing psychiatric / psychological industries claim all human stress stems, without any scientific proof. How shocking it is to live in a world where so many of the doctors deny traumatic situations can result in distress.

    But, no doubt, people of color do deal with discrimination, and whites have no idea how deep it goes. I had a black friend point this out to me decades ago. We lived in Lincoln Park, a nice but transitioning at the time Chicago neighborhood. He stood on the street trying to hail a cab for a long time, to no avail. Once his white friends joined him in trying to hail a cab, one quickly stopped. I was disgusted by this “hidden” form of continuing racism. And no doubt, it goes so much deeper.

    But the discrimination does go both ways, and is largely based upon perceived income. I was railroaded into the psychiatric system by “brown doctors,” but then greed inspired, child abuse covering up, white doctors joined in to help. The white wall of silence and the “almighty dollar” do trump racism, so racism can be beaten, and needs to be ended. All in all, prior to a white oral surgeon, then finally after I could medical prove beyond a shadow of a doubt how I was made sick, a white PCP freeing me from “the system” and the psychiatric misdiagnosis. I dealt with primarily six foreign born doctors of color and four white doctors who harmed me. But, truly, it was some decent nurses, of many nationalities, who also truly saved me. By handing over my family’s medical records, and following us to subsequent doctors to help protect my children and I in the future from subsequent unethical doctors, of whatever color, worshipping their white wall of silence, due to their greed.

    A “poor brain is as worthy as a rich brain,” but this also includes white people who work for long run profit potential, the betterment of society as a whole, and volunteer their time, rather than choosing to be a slave for the short run profit goals of today’s fiscally irresponcible Federal Reserve and “too big to fail bankers,” and “the corporations that” have “grown up around them,” like the pharmaceutical industry.

    When the doctors of all colors choose to drug up as many as they can of those who have saved enough, and made enough, to have the financial right to follow their dreams, for these psychopathic corporations, based upon lies and fraudulent science, we no longer have a free society. Wake up doctors, you aren’t actually God.

    And the reality of the situation is the made up, and scientifically invalid DSM stigmatization system is unhelpful to both people of color dealing with trauma, and whites dealing with trauma. Since no one dealing with distress due to trauma is actually dealing with one of the made up DSM disorders. At least not prior to being put on the psychiatric drugs, which do iatrogenically create the symptoms of the DSM disorders.

    It’s time to end “the dirty little secret of the two original educated professions,” way of covering up easily recognized iatrogenesis for the incompetent doctors, and child abuse for the mainstream paternalistic religions, now that we all live in the Information Age. And shame on the mainstream medical industry and religious professions for utilizing psychiatric knowledge of how to create “mental illnesses” in people with the psychiatric drugs, to cover up your mistakes and sins for so many decades. God knows, I have no doubt, and is disgusted by all of you. It’s time to end your greed inspired hate, injustice, and insanity.

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