House Democrats Signaling New Support for Controversial Murphy Bill


Democrats in the House of Representatives, who have previously opposed Rep. Tim Murphy’s mental health reform bill, now appear ready to support the proposal as soon as this Wednesday. Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has worked on the bill for months now, will meet Tuesday night before voting on the latest draft. Read the bill here. Contact your representative here.

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“Despite significant changes, the bill still does not reflect the voices or meet the needs of millions of Americans with mental health conditions,” said Val Marsh, MSW, executive director of the National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery (NCMHR), which represents people diagnosed with mental health conditions and their organizations. “It would wreak havoc on our civil rights and write into law a manufactured justification for forced treatment.”



  1. Thank you for posting this on MiA.

    Please everyone, contact your “representative” (why the quotes? Because I’ve never once had a “representative” in government who even comes close to representing me) and urge them to reject this dangerous attack on our civil rights!

    We can gripe to each other until we are blue in the face, but that doesn’t accomplish anything. We don’t get a vote on this, we have to rely on these elected officials to vote on our behalf (ugh!) so let’s make sure they understand how we feel, and what is at stake.

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  2. Link to the Health Sub-Committee (Includes contact info)

    Link to Energy/Commerce Committee Murphy page:

    I get nauseous every time I start to read this bill. It’s truly like reading about burning witches, impossible to even respond to without validating terminology and mythological thinking so utterly characteristic of the Dark Ages in which we live. We’re supposed to accept that any psychiatric procedure can be “evidence based,” and then make “reasoned” arguments based on this ludicrous assertion?

    I suggest capitalizing on current public hysteria about mass shootings by talking to lots of these politicians about the role of psychiatric drugs in Columbine, Aurora, etc. Refer them to or anywhere else you know of.

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  3. I called Rep. Peter A. DeFazio 4TH District Oregon . Among the things I said was that “The Murphy Bill is a “Legislative Kristallnacht” and that DeFazio who considers himself to be progressive should not support it . His aid seemed very receptive to hearing from the people . Also asked him to look at the MIA website .

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  4. Shouldn’t it be obvious by now that the government and our public ‘representatives’ do not serve the best interests of the people? More and more laws are being passed that are increasingly totalitarian and draconian. This is not by accident, it is by design.

    The people in power are not the good guys. They are the bad guys. And that is why legislation like this is being constantly pushed, because those in power do not serve the people.

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    • The definition of good is respecting and protecting innocent life.

      The definition of evil is hurting, oppressing, or killing for fun or for profit.

      Will the Murphy bill respect and protect innocent life or will it hurt, oppress, or kill for fun or for profit?

      Does psychiatry respect and protect innocent life or does it hurt, oppress, or kill for fun or for profit?

      What about the government and government agencies, such as the FDA, NSA, CIA, TSA, and all manner of alphabet agencies, do they respect and protect innocent life or do they hurt, oppress, or kill for fun or for profit?

      The people in power are not the good guys.

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  5. I always comment that if this bill passes it might very well be a good thing because it will inadvertently bring more people into the anti psychiatry movement.

    Its going to create and us vs them situation between ‘patients’ and facilities and doctors and everyone. Conversations among patients will shift from discussing labels and drugs to fighting the system.

    Let them pass it then watch it backfire.

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    • If they pass this bill, will people resort to nonviolent civil disobedience again?

      I’ve seen our psychiatric survivors (mental patients’ liberation) movement become a psychiatric non-survivor (mental patients’) movement, and it has got me worried. It reads like a zombie movie script, only the zombies are truly taking over now. (25 % of the population!) If you’re not a mental patient, there must be something seriously wrong with you! What’s the matter with you, man! Are you “stigmatizing” people for wanting to get their government “entitlements”? Come on, swallow your pills, and join the movement of the undead. We want govt brain. We’re trending now.

      If they pass this bill, will we have an liberation movement again?

      I’d like to see it radicalize a few people, but I’m inclined to think it is more likely to put them to sleep.

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