1. Rescheduled? Or getting pushback from network pharma advertisers, and will never be aired? It’s not in pharma’s interest that the segment be seen. And ‘Boost’, the product being advertised on the brief clip, is owned by Nestle, which seems to either be involved or getting involved, in pharma. It’s all a train wreck.

    Meanwhile, idiot MDs will continue to prescribe anti-psychotics for minors, and parents will continue to believe that the magic pills will cure something that wasn’t diseased in the first place.

    Liz Sydney

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  2. My understanding is that it was pre-empted by the Stanley Cup finals. ….don’t know when/if it is being re-scheduled.
    I sure hope so. Steve put a lot into those interviews, as well as his book, “Overmedicated and Undertreated.”

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