New Video For World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day


In a new video for World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day (W-BAD) peopleĀ from all over the world share about the iatrogenic harm they sustained from taking benzodiazepines as prescribed.

For more information on “World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day,” or to find out how to participate on July 11th, go to:




  1. Honestly, I don’t know whether I’m more surprised, or more disappointed that this article was posted yesterday, and there’s NO COMMENTS a day later!? WTF!?…. Like NONE of you can relate to this?
    Hey, I’ve got ~50 different drugs in my shrink story – benzos are only a couple of them. But thanks largely to MiA, and other online sources, I’ve learned a LOT these past few months…. I didn’t think it was possible. I read Dr. Peter Breggins’ “Toxic Psychiatry” like 25 – 30 YEARS ago…. I *thought* I knew….
    As if we need more proof – the pseudoscience LIES of the DRUG RACKET known as “biopsychiatry” have done, – and continue to do – far more harm than good…. WHERE will YOU be, and WHAT will YOU be doing on July 11, 2016?…..
    (Where ever I am, whatever I’m doing, I will *STILL* be dealing with CLONAZEPAM WITHDRAWAL….

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  2. Thanks for being the first to comment Bradford and good luck with your Clonazepam withdrawal.

    World wide attention needs to be brought to governments and to the public, of these highly addictive set of drugs that lead to iatrogenic drug dependency.

    W-BAD 11th of July 2016 and is to honour Professor C.Heather Ashton whose birthday this is.

    A Happy Birthday Heather and God Bless You.

    Barry Haslam. Chair of W-BAD.

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    • And thank-YOU, Barry…. My situation is a little unique, compared to many/most of the other personal stories I’ve read online the past few months…. I was first prescribed clonazepam back in 1994. I had, up to that time, been given over 40 (!) different “psych meds” over the previous ~20 years. I went toxic on Trazodone, because the local CMHC never did a blood level check, in the 1 1/2 I was on it. Spent 2 weeks in the local psych unit. On discharge – “against medical advice” – they wanted to give me *5* different drugs, including neuroleptics. I accepted the Ativan, 1mg/4x day, then I went instead to an excellent family physician in private practice. Took another 2 years to get fully disentangled legally from the local CMHC & psychiatry. I WAS told of the dangers of benzos, & clonazepam – but in a more general way. The idea in going on the clonazepam, at .5mg, 3x day, was to taper off over a VERY LONG time. Given what’s happened, instead, over the past few years, I’d RATHER be BACK on it. As it is, now, I’m forced to take “Benadryl”, OTC, for *some* relief. I’d rather finish a longer, slower taper off the benzos, than to be abruptly and rudely withdrawn against my will. The whole medical system – especially as regards *ALL* drugs, has turned into an F’ing *MESS*…. I’m disgusted, and fed up….
      Feel free to re-post my story. I’m too well known in my small town to worry anymore about bogus “confidentiality”.

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    • Greetings, I would like to add and bring awareness to the practice of adding Gabapentin to the protocols of Benzodiazepine Recovery in Rehabs. This is mind boggling if any you look at how this med works. It blocks and inhibits the function of Gabapentin Receptor Ī±2Ī“-1 Is a Neuronal Thrombospondin Receptor Responsible for Excitatory CNS Synaptogenesis. This receptor is very important for Benzodiazepine Recovery to be able to heal and recover. By adding this medication to Benzodiazepine patients that already have neuro injury ( I am not a medical professional just trying to explain) they are getting the side effects of long term high doseage Gabapentin users ASAP. This is kindling some people. This is throwing others into a protracted withdrawal with no relief. It is hindering or blocking the Benzodiazepine Recovery process to a hault or adding to further decline. It is also giving patients another drug they have to do a long 10% taper off of. As The FDA guidelines of 300mg a day or the typical 300mg a week scripted by most Doctors is to fast and very much mimicking Benzodiazepine withdrawal itself.
      Please look at recent UK reports of cardio respiratory shut down of patients in Benzodiazepine recovery.
      I suspect that claims that the gabapentinoids Gabapentin doesn’t affect the GABA receptor is the result of a desire on the part of pharmacologists and drug companies to fool both themselves and the entire world into thinking that perhaps the gabapentinoids will not cause the same kind of problems as we have already encountered with the GABA-A drugs – ie benzos.
      They kind of want to believe that they have discovered something that isn’t going to lead people down a highway to hell.
      They haven’t and it does.

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