“Has Psychology Sold Out to Psychiatry?”


On his “From Insults to Respect” blog, psychologist Jeff Rubin examines the APA’s participation in the labeling practices promoted by psychiatry. “It just so happens that the DSM-5 has huge anomalies that have been recognized for years, and despite this, APA continues to utilize it without taking substantive steps to create a more scientific alternative.”

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  1. Yes, absolutely, the US psychologists have been deluded and corrupted by their belief in the scientifically invalid and unreliable DSM. And the DSM is indeed a book of insults which classifies (not diagnoses) the iatrogenic (not genetic) illnesses created with the psychiatric drugs. It is way past time for the APA-1 to overcome their delusions that the DSM is anything other than scientific fraud, as I believe at least some UK psychologists have already done. And they should start actually listening to, and helping distressed people find the etiology of their distress, rather than just having their patients gaslighted by psychiatrists, to cover up the etiology of their distress.


    But this would require the psychologists acknowledge the reality that our society has a child abuse problem that goes all the way to the top, and that today’s bio-bio-bio DSM psychiatric system is a child abuse covering up industry, which is a hard pill to swallow. But sadly it is what the medical evidence is coming in showing to be the truth.



    Truly, the child abuse profiteering, DSM believing psychologists are betrayers of all of humanity, since drugging up victims of child abuse and working to keep the child abusers on the streets harming more children, is not actually in the best interest of society as a whole. It’s just easy and profitable for the psychologists. Who are aiding and abetting in the mass drugging of abused children, with toxic and debilitating drugs.

    And what’s really sad is today’s police officers know that covering up child abuse for the wealthy and / or well connected, like the pastors and priests, is the job of the psychiatric industry, not the special victims units. Stand tall, Chicago special victims unit police officers who also aid and abet in covering up child abuse for the psychopathic child abuse covering up bishops of the ELCA Chicago synod offices. Read all about these psychopathic bishops:


    It clearly states on p. 331, “We know that the presiding bishop of the ELCA, Mark Hanson, had been an advocate of ignoring clergy standards in cases where the candidate was a homosexual.” Especially when the victim is a 4 year old child, I’ll add. And I would merely be one of the apparently many widows dealing with “the religious authorities who devour the widow purse while hell bent on making sure the church suffers such agonizing theological carnage that it is no longer recognizable,” as mentioned in the Preface of this book. At least some of the crimes my family dealt with are finally making it into the published literature.

    But covering up child abuse has apparently long been the business of the psychological profession, it appears.


    Let’s hope and pray that some day the psychological and psychiatric industries will get out of the business of profiteering off of covering up child abuse. “Let us out” is right. Thank God I finally found an oral surgeon who was intelligent enough to understand that “Antipsychotics do not cure concerns of child abuse,” especially once the medical evidence of the abuse had been handed over by some disgusted nurses. It is odd and shameful that so few of the mainstream doctors, psychologists, and psychiatrists seem to comprehend this obvious reality.

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