“Antipsychotics During Pregnancy Not Tied to Birth Defects”


The New York Times Well blog reports on a new study, in JAMA Psychiatry, which found that antipsychotic medicines during pregnancy do not increase the risk for birth defects. After controlling for race, number of pregnancies, smoking, alcohol use, psychiatric conditions, additional medications and other variables, there was no difference in the risk of birth defects between those who took the drugs and those who did not.

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  1. And the big BUT, “we only looked for congenital malformation, not other negative outcomes for women and their children.” So this makes the article’s title actually quite misleading, since it’s already known there are many other negative effects of the antipsychotics for women and their children, and men. They’re “torture” drugs according to the UN, for example.

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  2. “The small increase in the risk for malformations observed with risperidone requires additional study”

    We signed you up for a pharmaceutical study before you were even born, have a nice life with “malformations”. I wonder if they even say sorry.

    So much for consent.

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