“A River of Lost Souls Runs Through Western Colorado”


For The Washington Post, Amy Ells Nutt investigates the epidemic of suicide and the overuse of psychiatric drugs that is sweeping through towns in Colorado. “The Post looked at half of those cases and found striking commonalities: Most worked physically demanding jobs. Most suffered from chronic pain. And most struggled with mental-health issues that, surviving friends and relatives say, were addressed through psychiatric medications that were ultimately ineffective. Nationally, many mental-health experts have raised concerns about the growing use of such medications for everything from insomnia to ordinary loneliness. Between 1999 and 2013, psychiatric drug prescriptions shot up by 117 percent.”

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  1. I checked this article out just today, wary of anything the WaPo would write about in a fair and honest way. I was surprised. Great article; finally, this epidemic of iatrogenic damage caused by psych meds is being discussed in mainstream news.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Bookmarked for future reference.

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