“In a Tight Race, Pharma’s Favorite Senator gets a Little help from his Friends”


STAT reports that Senator Richard Burr, who has consistently protected the pharmaceutical and biotech industries from regulation, is getting a boost in funding from the Pharma lobby as he faces a tough primary challenge. “The industry feels very positive about Senator Burr, because he’s always taken a strong leadership role in policy that we’re interested in,” said Samuel Taylor, president of his state’s bioscience trade group.

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  1. I really has no idea that Senator Burr was in so “cohoots” with Big Pharma and the medical device industry. I have seen political ideas that he was making big money off medicare, though. I did vote against, mostly, out of general principles. Now, that, I know this, I am very thankful that I did. This, to me, is another piece to the puzzle of my toxic drug/psychiatric experience. I am not saying the Senator is absolutely directly responsible for my experience personally, but, it explains a great deal. As within minutes of these Big Pharma headquarters are three major universities with major psychiatric departments. Of course, this involves more than toxic psychiatry’s relationship with Big Pharma and the medical device industry. However, I do know that the greatest drug pushing and drugging, etc of me happened within a half hours drive of the Big Pharma conspiracy’s headquarters. I know this is happening everywhere in the US, UK, and other parts of the world; but, I tell you if you are in Senator Burr’s state, BEWARE, just by walking into a doctor’s office for the sniffles, you may be on the way to severe toxic drug addiction and having your life bee “in the balance.” Or, like me, all you really wanted and might be a little sad about was that you were just searching for a job or career that would make you happy and pay your way in the world, etc. Of course, when I lost my sister to cancer, I really became fair game for their drug pushing and as the good little girl that I had been raised to “be”, I thought, it is quite alright I am a “living science experiment.” Thank you for this article.

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