CEP Members Publish New Book: ‘The Sedated Society’


The Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry announces the release of a new book called ‘The Sedated Society: The Causes and Harms of our Psychiatric Prescribing Epidemic.’ Edited by CEP co-founder Dr James Davies, the book contains chapter contributions from experts including Joanna Moncrieff, Peter Kinderman, Peter Breggin, Sami Timimi, Peter Gøtzsche and Robert Whitaker.

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  1. “’The Sedated Society’ is a provocative critique of the over-prescription psychiatric drugs, their minimal effectiveness, and the dangers they pose. The authors are eminent experts and their conclusions are important and troubling. It should be required reading for all medical students.”

    Pray for the day the mainstream medical community wakes up. Thank you to the authors. Today’s US psychiatric industry truly has betrayed humanity once again, just like the psychiatrists did in Nazi Germany and they did in communist Russia. But this time, the mainstream medical community joined in to betray humanity as well.

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