1. I’m sorry this story hasn’t got more exposure. The link leads to a very short, too short, almost non-story. It omits that there’s an effort to write the DSM into New Hampshire law. The key reason is so-called “Substance Use Disorder” appears in the DSM. “SUD” has become the latest buzzword among the taxpayer funded “public health” crowd. It’s all about MONEY, not “care”, or “treatment”. Money. Lots of Federal and Foundation money. Money to hire more “healthcare workers”. There is a very serious opiate / heroin “crisis” in NH. The authorities are finding it almost impossible to keep drugs out of both the State Prison, and County jails. And of course, so-called “psychiatric drugs” are given out freely in the many State lock-ups. Last year, during election season, some politicos were even pushing the idea of prison terms of “life without parole”, for drug dealers selling drugs that were later used in fatal overdoses. They ignored the fact that both fentanyl, and carfentani are routinely used to cut heroin. Both are made in clandestine labs and sold in the illegal, or “black market”. And, short of a lab test which destroys the sample, there’s no good way for any given dealer to know exactly *what*, or *how much* of any given drug is in any given sample. The pseudoscience drug racket of psychiatry and the gross over-prescribing of psych drugs was only the preview of the coming attraction of this on-going horror show. Thanks, MiA, for at least making the attempt to let folks know.

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