The ‘Choosing Wisely’ Campaign is Five Years Old


From MinnPost: The Choosing Wisely campaign, which was launched to promote informed consent among patients, is now five years old. The campaign has been very successful in helping patients make more rational, safer decisions about medical treatment.

“Over the past five years, the Choosing Wisely campaign has compiled detailed but easily accessible resources to help patients ask these and other questions about hundreds of medical tests and treatments that are often either overused or that provide little benefit — and in some cases cause harm. The recommendations come from several dozen medical societies in the United States and around the world.”

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  1. For Biological Psychiatry this “Choosing Wisely” campaign is nothing more than a lot of ass covering and a “pretend” form of “Informed Consent.” Prescriptions of all their toxic substances (psych drugs) only keep going up every year.

    Given how pervasive and powerful Psychiatry is as an institution of social control, all this will not change unless and until, Psychiatry is ultimately abolished as a legitimate form of medicine. And that cannot happen unless and until, there are revolutionary changes in our economic and political System.


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