1. Here is something I ran across just yesterday. Vitamin C is crucial for many organic functions. On the list is vitamin C for opiate dependency. Here is but one search result


    The medical/drug industry has gotten us into this mess maybe we should stop seeking them out for solutions. From reading and experience most dis-ease is due to malnutrition or worse the substitution of industrially produced nutrition for natural.

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    • Or since an insanely stupid medical industry has actually created an American opioid epidemic, due to their claimed ignorance that opioids are addictive and mind altering drugs. Perhaps it’s time to for most Americans to walk away from an insanely stupid allopathic, greed only inspired, medical industry? Especially since this is execately what the English did to the Chinese long ago? History repeats itself.

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      • Hear hear! It is absolutely time to stop worshipping at the alter of allopathic Western medicine. Antibiotics were once our savior and are likely to bring the downfall of humanity due to their extreme overuse. For everything else, there’s Lipitor, Seroquel, or surgery.

        And dear god don’t try to escape life with a shred of dignity. Paramedics and hospital personnel have to perform cpr even on 85 year old frail dying patients. It’s pathetic. We’ve forgotten how to live and die!

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