Women are Flocking to Wellness due to Sexism in Healthcare


From¬†Quartz:¬†Seeking healthcare in the medical system can be a dehumanizing experience for women: doctors often dismiss women’s pain as psychological rather than physiological, and women’s individual childbirth preferences and needs are frequently ignored by healthcare professionals. Because of the medical system’s ingrained sexism, many women are now turning to holistic health and wellness practices, which are usually conducted¬†in a warmer, more compassionate way.

“The medical system is even more terrible for women, whose experience of pain is routinely minimized by health practitioners. In the emergency room, women routinely wait longer than men to receive medication for acute pain. At the gynecologist‚Äôs office, severe period-related pain is often dismissed or underestimated. Ingrained sexism means that doctors may regard women as either earth mothers or hypochondriacs; that is, either women possess deep wellspring of internal pain control that they ought to be able to channel during childbirth, or their pain is psychological in nature‚ÄĒa symptom of hysteria.

Conditions that affect women at higher rates than men, including depression and autoimmune diseases like fibromyalgia, are much more likely to be dismissed as having a psychological rather than a physiological source. Chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers are still instructed to rely on exercise and positive thinking, despite research that indicates these measures do not cure the condition. Many women with autoimmune diseases, endometriosis, or even multiple sclerosis go undiagnosed for years, despite multiple trips to doctors and specialists‚ÄĒall the while being told that their symptoms could just be stress.”

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