Bloom in Wellness

Bloom in Wellness is a website designed by Baylissa Frederick, a licensed therapist and coach who lives with two chronic medical conditions and has experienced and healed from prescribed drug withdrawal.

The website’s Withdrawal Help section includes an A to Z list of symptoms of withdrawal from antidepressants, benzodiazepines, and Z-drugs. It also offers advice for accepting and normalizing these symptoms. Additionally, the section provides information on how caregivers, family members, spouses, parents, and adult children can best care for their loved ones in withdrawal, as well as practice self-care for their own well-being. Finally, the Withdrawal Help section features success stories of those who healed within 18 months and those with protracted cases, as well as Baylissa’s own story.

Another section of Bloom in Wellness is called Self-Care & Nurturing. This section provides information on self-care techniques such as breathing, EFT Tapping or psychological acupressure, healthy ways of eating, healthy distractions, and volunteering.

Much of the information on this website is only available to subscribers. The monthly subscription fee is £10. Subscribers also receive a Daily Encouragement email with insight, inspiration, and reassurance for those struggling with chronic illness and drug withdrawal.


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