Many are Depressed Because They’re Expected not to be


From The Conversation: New studies suggest that Western cultural values – specifically the high value we place on happiness – may be the reason that depression is far more prevalent in Western countries than in Eastern countries. Perceived social pressure not to feel depressed is associated with increased depressive symptoms.

“Valuing feelings of happiness or wanting others to be happy is not a bad thing. The problem arises when we come to believe we should always feel this way. This makes our negative emotions – which are inevitable and normally quite adaptive – seem like they are getting in the way of an important goal in life.

From this perspective, sadness is no longer an expected feeling you have when things go wrong. Rather, it is interpreted as a sign of failure; a signal something is wrong emotionally.”

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  1. Yeah, my Christian upbringing taught me that it was a sin NOT to be happy all the time, that to be other than happy was a sign I wasn’t ‘trusting in the Lord.’ It took a long time to undo some of that wrong thinking. I’m not a hater of all things Christian, but it definitely screwed me up in some areas.

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    • A bunch of malarkey I rejected! Not Biblical at all.

      I was unhappy a lot as a teen because I was sexually harassed almost every day at school for 2 years. I became even unhappier when a minister I respected said that “There is no reason for real Christians to EVER feel depressed.”

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  2. All the recovery BS doesn’t help. You never see realistic stories about people coping as best they can with emotional suffering, just a slew of propaganda about people climbing out of the dark depths and making a “success” of themselves. “Recovery” is compulsory.

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