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From The Guardian: Kate Millet, the radical feminist who launched the second wave of the women’s liberation movement, died on September 6th. Millet was also an activist in the anti-psychiatry movement who spoke out against psychiatric diagnosis and commitment.

“Millett had been committed to mental health institutions by her family on various occasions and she became an activist in the anti-psychiatry movement. She wrote about her experiences in The Loony-Bin Trip (1990). She also wrote The Politics of Cruelty (1994), in which she railed against the use of torture, and Mother Millett (2001), about her relationship with her mother.”

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  1. Kate Millett’s important role as a radical feminist and as an anti-psychiatry activist has not been appreciated or thoroughly recognized. I hope someone like Bonnie Burstow will write a more comprehensive account of her political and cultural significance to the struggle for human rights and freedom.


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  2. Kates important input on our movement cannot be overestimated.
    Our group visited her in 1992 on her farm and she incentivized us to proceed politically, see the video here:
    6 years later in 1998 she was the speaker of the jury of our Foucault Tribunal, see the video here:
    and in 2001 she was the speaker of the jury of the Russell Tribunal:
    see pictures here: http://www.freedom-of-thought.de/photos.htm
    rene talbot

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