The Link Between Poor Mental Health and Low Income


FromĀ Metro: Poverty can have a dramaticĀ effect on people’s mental and physical health, as it can impact diet, healthcare access, sleep, and socialization.

“There are plenty of rightwing rent-a-gobs hired to spout the idea that people living in poverty should simply forgo luxuries like big televisions or certain foods. The problem here, though, is that although doing that might save a few pennies in the short term, it removes peopleā€™s sources of entertainment and comfort.

Those of us lucky enough to afford trips to the cinema or a bit of retail therapy here and there are never vilified for it. These things make life worth living, by giving us variety and happiness. Everybody deserves that sense of release.”

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  1. We already know this information. Maslow knew it decades ago, but industry doesn’t profit from well cared for people who have the basics (food clothing, shelter) and some sense of security. I think it’s time to quit discussing what we’ve known for many years and move onto why social mobility is impossible and how we live in denial that it is. We need changes bigger that anything the “mental health” industry and government can provide.

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    • If not government, than what? Government is SUPPOSED to be collective action by the people. It has become corrupted, and psychiatry is just one aspect of that. And the collusion between industry and government is central to that corruption. But I would suggest we need to take government BACK from the corporate elite. I don’t know any other way to control the power of the corporate giants. What do you think?

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