Phil Borges: Is Madness a Breakdown or Initiation into a Spiritual Calling?


Is madness a breakdown or initiation into a spiritual calling? Crazywise is a new documentary film that explores the meaning of psychosis from the perspective of traditional cultures and shamanism, following the stories of people struggling with extreme states, spiritual awakening, and the mental health system’s failures.

Filmmaker Phil Borges is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker whose work has appeared on National Geographic and Discover.


Crazywise film



  1. Sometimes, “madness” is simply that, – madness. Framing the question as a duality, “breakdown”, or “spiritual initiation”, is to *a priori* decide without adequate investigation. The romance of the shamanic journey seems attractive to modern, decadent Westerners, and that “breakdown” delusion certainly $ELL$ DRUG$! Maybe it’s all really just the Godhead experiencing self in myriad forms? It certainly IS NOT a “chemical imbalance” in the brain! LOL! (Well, at least not that science has found solid evidence of!)

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    • But there is a problem with the psychologists and psychiatrists misdiagnosing “spiritual” experiences as “mental illnesses,” Bradford. Especially since today’s “bio-bio-bio” DSM believing “mental health professionals” don’t believe in the mind or soul or a spiritual realm at all, even those who hypocritically call themselves “holist Christian therapists.” They believe all distress is a “chemical imbalance in the brain.” A physical, as opposed to spiritual, issue.

      My “holistic Christian therapist,” who I later learned was a child abuse cover upper for her pastor and the bishops of the ELCA religion, as well as a Baal worshipping, Bohemian Grove attending pedophile friend of theirs. Check out the chapter on evil in this book to read all about the child abuse covering up hobbies of the ELCA bishops of late.

      This therapist thought a dream about being “moved by the Holy Spirit” was “psychosis.” When dreams become “psychosis,” well, this means everyone who dreams is “psychotic.” And this is a too all encompassing definition of “psychosis.”

      And, unfortunately for the psychiatrists, the psychiatric drugs do not “cure” a person from her belief in God, especially if she’s not interested in being “cured” from her belief in God. And to the contrary, when one is weaned off the psychiatric drugs, she can experience a very intense and amazingly serendipitous spiritual awakening. An awakening to her “new self,” as described in this talk.

      And despite this not being problematic for her, it is problematic for the “mental health professionals” who misdiagnosed her, thus committed malpractice. It is staggering the lengths the doctors go to cover up their malpractice and child abuse covering up profiteering. As you may recall, I was eventually medically unnecessarily shipped a long distance to this now convicted, criminal doctor.

      Thankfully Jesus died for my sins, and I survived the 14 different attempts at my life, all via anticholinergic toxidrome poisonings.

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