Opioid Bill Includes Involuntary Commitment


From EDS and Chronic Pain News & Info: Recent legislation has proposed measures that permit people to be involuntarily committed on the basis of perceived addiction. Not only could this legislation lead to egregious human rights violations, but it could also add insult to injury for chronic pain patients, who are often perceived as addicts due to taking opioids.

“Anyone who’s been steeped in today’s opioid PROPaganda has been trained to see all regular opioid use as ‘addiction.’

Since ‘addiction’ is defined as incurable and potentially fatal if not ‘treated’ by the Higher Authority of AA, any pain patient taking opioids would ‘pose a danger to themselves due to addiction,’ and be subject to being involuntarily committed.”

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  1. All for-profit, involuntary commitment should be made illegal. Doctors have been having their paramedics illegally (when the person is “neither a danger to herself nor anyone else,” except doctors who are paranoid of a non-existent malpractice suit) medically unnecessarily drag people out of the comfort of their own beds in the middle of the night. So the person may be medically unnecessarily shipped long distances to criminal doctors, to be “snowed” in the hopes that doctor can preform unneeded surgeries on the well insured person, for profit.


    Kuchipudi and his “snowing” psychiatric partner in crime defrauded my private health insurance company out of $30,000 for their unneeded “snowing,” due to their hopes of “curing” a non-existent “chronic airway obstruction” with an unneeded tracheotomy.

    Today’s medical community is too unethical and money grubbing to be able to handle their inappropriately given “right” to involuntarily “treat” people. The doctors are abusing this “right,” due to their staggering greed, and extreme paranoia of potentially legitimate malpractice suits.

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