Response to ‘Aligning Computational Psychiatry to the HVN’


“…whilst the CP [Computational Psychiatry] model may very well resonate with numerous voice-hearers, I wonder if there may also be limitations inherent to it. Firstly, the specialist tools of CP are only accessible to a small number of qualified researchers, thus moving it away from the experiential knowledge base which is created and held by people with lived experience, a key tenet of HVN [Hearing Voices Network]. Secondly, whilst I appreciate that a more comprehensive framing of voices-hearing might bring together different research, I’m not convinced that voice-hearing as an experience is best reflected or served through this approach. It is already a tenuous umbrella term in HVN, holding the experiences of hearing, seeing or sensing things that others don’t, but also including dissociation and multiplicity as well as the belief systems used to make sense of the experiences. For me, it seems that the direction of travel should be away from viewing voice-hearing as a discrete entity, and more towards finding a way to reflect its dizzying diversity.”

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