APA President on Why Women May Not Report Sexual Assault


From the American Psychological Association: “‘Sexual assault is likely the most under-reported crime in the United States. About two-thirds of female sexual assault victims do not report to the police, and many victims do not tell anyone. Sexual assault is a terrifying and humiliating experience. Women choose not to report for a variety of reasons — fear for their safety, being in shock, fear of not being believed, feeling embarrassed or ashamed, or expecting to be blamed.

‘A lack of reporting does not mean an assault or attempted assault did not happen or is exaggerated. Research demonstrates that false claims of sexual assault are very low — between 2 and 7 percent. This tells us that far more women are assaulted and don’t report than women who make false claims.'”

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  1. I have no doubt this is true. #MeToo. But if you report sexual assault of some kind, you get sent to the “mental health” workers, to be defamed with one of their made up disorders, then poisoned with their neurotoxins.


    And the psychological industry has a century long history of covering up child abuse and sexual assault, too.


    I see our “mental health” industries as a pendulum. With a swing to one side, we have the rape covering up psychiatrists, with a swing to the other side, we have the rape covering up psychologists. But they are a team, which work in tandem, to cover up rape of women and children on a massive societal scale.

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