Why Modern Medicine Is a Major Threat to Public Health


From The Guardian: “Rather than address the root cause of these conditions through lifestyle changes, we prioritise drugs that give ā€“ at best ā€“ only a marginal chance of long-term benefit for individuals, most of whom will derive no health outcome improvement.

The reality is that lifestyle changes not only reduce the risk of future disease, their positive effects on quality of life happen within days to weeks. However, those patients unlucky enough to suffer side effects from prescribed medicines may find their quality of life will deteriorate in order to enjoy small longer-term benefits from the medication.

Of course patients may need to use both, but whatā€™s important is that information is presented in a transparent way to encourageĀ shared decision making. The Academy of Medical Royal Collegesā€™Ā Choosing Wisely campaignĀ encourages patients to ask their doctor whether they really need a medication, test or procedure.

Prof Luis Correia, director of the Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine in Brazil, says if a clinical decision is not in keeping with the patientā€™s individual preferences and values, ‘it will not work.'”

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