Embracing Human Complexity Over Labels

The following interview is part of a cutting-edge series of video interviews called Parenting Today: Raising Strong, Resilient Kids being aired exclusively on Mad in America.

This series has as its aim educating parents about the current mental disorder paradigm as it relates to children. It also offers many useful tips about how to raise more resilient children and how to become a more skillful parent. In this series of more than thirty interviews, we share information about the diverse resources available to parents, including alternative ones.

We hope that you’ll follow this important series. Mental health advocate Heather Juergensen hosts the interviews, each of which introduces you to an interesting guest speaking on a subject of importance to parents. We hope that you enjoy this series, benefit from it, and decide to alert other parents to its existence!

Today’s guest is Chuck Ruby. Dr. Chuck Ruby is the Director and General Manager of the Pinnacle Center for Mental Health and Human Relations, a private group practice in Maryland.  He is also a psychotherapist and coach, addressing emotional and behavioral problems as natural human reactions in life, rather than as dysfunction or disease. He earned his PhD in 1995 at Florida State University.

Dr. Ruby is a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with 20 years of military service as a criminal and counterintelligence special agent and investigative psychologist.  He is Executive Director of ISEPP, the International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry, whose mission is to use the standards of scientific inquiry and critical reasoning to address the ethics of psychology and psychiatry.  A non-profit volunteer organization, they strive to educate the public about the nature of “mental illness,” and to guide people towards humane ways of dealing with difficult life issues.

To learn more about Chuck Ruby’s work:

International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP)

The Pinnacle Center Psychotherapy Clinic

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