How Schools Contribute to Children’s Mental “Disorders”

The following interview is part of a cutting-edge series of video interviews called Parenting Today: Raising Strong, Resilient Kids being aired exclusively on Mad in America.

This series has as its aim educating parents about the current mental disorder paradigm as it relates to children. It also offers many useful tips about how to raise more resilient children and how to become a more skillful parent. In this series of more than thirty interviews, we share information about the diverse resources available to parents, including alternative ones.

Today we’re speaking with Peter Kinderman.  Peter Kinderman is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool and former President of the British Psychological Society. His most recent book, ‘A Prescription for Psychiatry’, argues for radical change in how we think about mental health. He believes people are being harmed by our current approach and that we need wholesale change, not only in how we understand mental health problems but also in how we design and commission mental health services.

He argues that mental health problems are fundamentally social and psychological issues, and advocates for a shift away from the use of medication and towards more thoughtful solutions, an approach which he believes demands support from our communities, our educational system and our political system.

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The New Laws of Psychology

A Prescription for Psychiatry

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