Starving for Help: Search for Mental Healthcare Ends Tragically in FL Jail


From The Florida Times-Union/ “[The family’s lawyer Greg] Lauer, of Fort Lauderdale, filed suit in federal court on Thursday, naming the sheriff’s private healthcare provider and its employees, including doctors and nurses, as defendants.

‘The unconscionable and callous conduct of the defendants, in this case, is indefensible both legally and morally and cannot be tolerated in our civilized society,’ Lauer wrote in his complaint. […]

If she had been told her son was starving and dehydrated from vomiting so much, Vicki said, she would have driven Greg to the hospital herself.

‘We would have done it,’ Vicki Futch said. ‘We would have done it in an instant, but we thought he was taken care of. I know that sounds stupid now, because I would never trust them again, but I trusted them.’ […]

‘I didn’t know what to do,’ Futch said. ‘I thought, “Well surely they are going to take care of him, and if he needs medical help they will take him.”‘

Vicki spends much of her days now saddled with guilt, wishing she had never called the police. She said Greg ‘didn’t do a thing to deserve to be in jail, not a thing.’

‘We took care of each other when we went through a bad time, and I would try to do everything I could,’ Futch said. ‘This last time, I just went to the wrong people for help.'”

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  1. Police State AmeriKA has more people in jail and prison then any nation in the history of mankind.

    I think they are going to get away with this because the unconscionable and callous conduct of the defendants is not illegal. I am sure those soulless automatons did what soulless automatons do best “followed protocol” and I don’t think any law says you have to actually care about anyone.

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